Blurb. Oh, excuse me.

I (erica) wrote a broken book. Well, I wrote over half a book, but it had too many characters and too many storylines and was going in the wrong direction...so I rewrote most of it taking out some characters and some storylines...and then it was boring, so I rewrote some of it again and put in a new character and a new storyline and I like it, but it's still missing something. Like I took my characters and made them into something they aren't.

Like I said, it's broken.

christy is trying to convince me to write a "blurb" for it. You know, a few sentences setting up the who, what, where, when, and how of the story. Not exactly a query, more like a quick commercial. To help me envision how this is going to go.

So - do you blurb your book to get direction? What's your process for doing it? When I write a query for a COMPLETE ms, I have trouble boiling it all down. For a broken book (but one I really, really, really want to finish because it will be total awesomeness), I don't know where to start (to, you know, help it end). HELP!!

christy wrote a blurb for our co-writing project in about 5 minutes. I need her brain...other than that, I definitely need your help! Any ideas for pushing along a broken project are welcome here!

oh, and I thought about including a cute picture of a baby animal burping to illustrate my title of the blog, but there weren't many to be found and I can't sit around looking at pictures of cute baby animals all day. So you get this one, which made me laugh and has absolutely nothing else to do with this blog post:


  1. Writing a blurb, or a one to two sentence synopsis of my story does give me direction. I try to pick out the thread that IS the story. Sometimes I get buried in the details, though. It always helps to have a friend read. Best of luck with your blurb. I'm sure you'll get it! Just keep swimming....

  2. LOL! That is an awesome picture. I do blurb to help myself find direction. And it works! *high-fives Christy for the good call*

  3. Blurbs are good ideas. I've done it once before and it totally helped! Also, that is the best picture EVER!

    Good luck on finding your direction!

  4. It might seem weird, but I've never had a runaway MS. But Christy's idea sounds right. Do you outline? I know it's crazy coming from a confirmed pantser, but that might help. It seems like you have quite a bit of ideas for this story, and it would be a good idea to organize them. Whenever I get stuck editing, making lists always helps.


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