Here's why.

Here's why I love reading the following:

Product DetailsCassandra Clare.  I love her  description of the setting and the metaphors she uses.

Product DetailsJandy Nelson.  I love her poetic writing.  I love it.  Did you hear that this may be/will be made into a movie?  Did you?

Product Details epic fail by Claire LaZebnik.  I loved her mc's humor.  Great voice. 

Product DetailsMaggie Stiefvater.  I love her writing, all of it., every time she strings words together into sentences.  That's the part I love.

Product DetailsStephanie Perkins.  She can do a love triangle like no other.

Product DetailsTahereh Mafi.  I love her uniqueness.  In this book.  Also.  While following her down the street on twitter.  And while reading and rereading her humorous blog posts for the past two years.  Hers was the very first blog I ever followed after becoming a writer and discovering blogs.

Here's why this is important.

 I need to know what I love about these books, and these authors, because then I can try, try, try to incorporate those phenomenal writerly characteristics into my writing.  Metaphors, poetry, beauty, description, settings, humor, flair, uniqueness, voice, personality.  If I can bring it all together while telling my characters' stories, then I will love writing, and eventually, I'll find readers who will hang on my words and remember them.  Remember them until another one of my books comes out.  That's when they'll rush out to get more, more, more.  Someday.  It will happen.

For now, I'm hanging on words.

But I'll keep scribbling my own and tapping them out on my keyboard.  Until I get it right.



  1. I can't say I have on favorite author but I did enjoy almost all of the above books. I think the best way to learn is through other authors and seeing how they did things.

  2. I love so many for so many reasons! One favorite for her lyrical writing and lovely story is Laura Whitcomb's A Certain Slant of Light. So lovely. Sabriel series just because it is WAY kickass for tons of reasons. (writing, characters, story, whole bag) Odd Thomas series by Dean Kootz - different, funny, great mc you can't help but adore. umm...ugh so many. I could keep you reading about them for days.


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