what makes your writing heart go wild?

happy valentine's day to you all!

my writing heart has been a little weak since finishing FIXING SHELBY.

lately my writing time has consisted of the following:
  • checking emails for agent responses
  • checking twitter
  • checking emails for agent responses
  • emailing erica
  • rewriting my query
  • refreshing inbox...again (do i need to repeat why?)
  • reading blog posts (not commenting often because frequently i'm one-handed-one arm is full of baby--he's beautiful and sweet and lovable and amazing btw!)
  • writing the next chapter in TTM (erica and christy's novel)
  • opening up one WIP after another, rereading what's already been typed, refreshing inbox....(uh huh)
  • ???  staring blankly at the wall
  • reading CP's manuscript (not critiquing as much as i should be--one-handed again)
  • critiquing at QT (much less frequently than two months ago)
  • rewriting my query
so as you can see, other than TTM, not much is getting accomplished. bah.


my writing heart flatlined.

at first i thought it was because i was in revision/critiquer mode and having a hard time getting back into writer mode.

that wasn't it.

then i thought it was rejection anxiety.


i finally know what is causing the freeze on my fingertips!!!

it's not for lack of ideas.  i have plots all set and ready to be written.  so--why couldn't i open up my documents and get going?  was it because i couldn't decide which project i wanted to do more? 

unh unh.

the REAL problem was lack of character understanding. 

rewind a year.  this is exactly why i had to table SOLSTICE (novel #1).  i still think it's a great story idea.  the reason it didn't work was because i didn't have a strong connection to my protagonist.  i didn't know her well enough. 

the reason i wrote FIXING SHELBY rather quickly was because the story was based on her character.  i felt her, knew her.  the feeling i conjured up when i wrote was her voice, not just excitement for the events in the story. 

the two projects i've been going back and forth between could be great, but i just don't know those characters well enough yet.

so tonight, i remembered a project i thought up a long while ago.  immediately, i felt that character. 
ding ding ding ding.  i found a winning project!

what makes your writing heart go pitter patter and skip a beat?

what motivates you more?  characters or events?


  1. Great points!! A personal connection with my characters, especially my MC, is a must for me. You're making me think. How would I excite myself about an MC if I'm just not feeling it. Ooh, I feel a post coming on. :)

  2. Always good, isn't it, when the writing takes off and you are no longer struggling.

  3. Oh! One arm full of sweet little baby. Love it! And you're so right. The easiest books I ever write are the ones where I know my characters so well. Good luck w/revising and hearing back from agents. And enjoy that baby. Happy VD~ :o) <3

  4. Hello,

    Fellow ABNA particpant here.

    wanted to give a shout and say good luck!


  5. Yay for ABNA. I have been on a break from writing for a few weeks now and it is sort of killing me. But I am determined not to start shiny new projects until I have tackled TRAINWRECK edits and solidified myself in my new job.


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