AAAANNNNDDDDD...it's that time of year again!

AAAANNNNDDDDD...it's that time of year again!  We're teachers and we're doing last minute grading and report carding.  The end of the school year always means one more thing for me as well:  PACKING.  Every year brings a new school, a new classroom, and a new grade.  So into boxes goes all of my "stuff".

What are you up to, and how do you grade yourself on all of your responsibilities lately?


  1. I should probably not grade myself right now because I will likely fall short. Then again, falling short is part of being human. So there is that. I hope your packing goes smoothly.

  2. well yuck that you have to change rooms every year! But I'd say you get straight As on your report card. The most important boxes are checked! Have an awesome summer~ <3

  3. Congrats on the check-plus for feeding the children! I'm sure they're very proud of you.

  4. Every year means a new school????? Yikes! Moving classrooms and schools is exhausting! Good luck!

    I'm in the midst of provincial testing at the moment - then report cards are looming! Only another month to go :)

  5. best of luck to the rest of you at this time of year also. yes, my children are fairly proud of me. no, no that's not true. they just expect the very best and no no other.... yes, i am a musical chairs teacher and, truly, it sucks. but i have a job and am blessed to be able to say that. christy


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