Is This Thing On? (aka Happy May Day)

It's officially our WE'RE BACK day!!

Except, well, um. Here's some flowers. (be back soon, we promise! once the two of us connect and make plans) (and get through soccer and baseball and school and running and writing and reading and. . .) (and btw, what happened to the dashboard? I'm lost!!)


  1. LOL. It seems this blogging break ran rampant across the blog-o-sphere. That's 4 today I've come across who are picking up the electronic pen again, so to speak. (Myself included.) Welcome back! Looking forward to all your witty banter.

  2. Welcome back - hope your break was productive and fun :)

  3. Yay! Missed you guys!

    Good luck with the Dashboard. Everything's totally rearranged, but I caught on quickly so I'm sure you can, too :)


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