the power of green and gold

as wisconsinites, we are so proud.

even my husband, who usually doesn't get into my television shows, was a freak about watching, and voting for, DONALD DRIVER, GREEN BAY PACKER WIDE RECEIVER dance.


as we bit our nails waiting for the final results, my husband beat himself up about not calling in to vote on monday night.  i told him, "you know, if he doesn't win, it's on your shoulders."  he didn't look away from the tv.  he didn't flinch.  "i know," he said, as serious as could be.

aye aye aye.

we may not have gotten this last year,

but we now we have this.


  1. Love it! I've never actually watching the show, but I keep up with the athletes competing on sports centre in the mornings :)

  2. 'watched' not 'watching' ... *sigh*

    Happy your guy won!

  3. ROTFL! Awesome, just too awesome. I've got to check out that show!

  4. Never knew you girls were into dance shows.... Surprise, it's me! Hope all is well.

  5. BTW, I like your new header... very fun and quite appropriate.

  6. I don't watch the show, but way to go Donald! =o)

  7. One of my very best friends is from Green Bay and I'm married to one of the biggest Packers fans I know and I'm a teacher. I just found your blog, but I can tell already we are going to get along well. New follower :)


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