exhausted blog topics and exhausted bloggers

More and more bloggers, it seem, are taking longer and longer breaks from both posting and hopping.  Everyone must be buckling down to complete their first, second, and third novels.  WOC is just around the corner, after all.  That, and many agents take part of the summer off from queries, so many people are trying to get them in before that happens.

Plus, it seems with so many bloggers, perhaps many blog topics have been exhausted. That, or the bloggers are just plain exhausted. Blogging and hopping takes tons of time and energy. We've been through it, too.

So, what do those who still take time to hop want to read about?
How-to writing topics? For us, it seems, most writers we know are at the same level we are, or better, so there's a chance they're sick of those informative posts.  There are also tons of published authors and agents out there who do that, too.
If people are hopping less, then I suppose posts with lots of helpful linkage may not be the right thing either.

On the topic of exhausted topics, perhaps bloggers worry about what they post about.  Worry that an agent or editor will not like what they write.  The content or the critiques or the discussion of WIPs gone bad, rejections, writer's block, the days gone by without writing.  And should we or shouldn't we be posting snippets of work, especially snippets of work we're querying?

So what should we blog about?  World news, politics, religion? (ah, no, not so much) Our daily lives? (boooring!)

Maybe we should cover current events, the facts and our opinions on it.  Although, people CAN just watch or read about the news elsewhere. And probably definitely become a lot more informed that way.
Hmmm...we could do daily tips on food or share inspirational music to write by. Or great inspirational books, poems or authors. Or, you know, funny Youtube videos.
To be honest, we like to post about almost all of the above, but we're curious what you most prefer to read about when you take the time to visit blogs.

What do YOU READERS think? We love that you stop by daily or occasionally. What would you like to read about when you stop at OUR blog? 
We'll take requests. Think of us as your local, friendly, literary radio hosts. (except please don't pick politics, world news, or religion. Thanks)

So, what'll it be?


  1. I think bloggers are breaking because it's summer. They go on vacations. They have a deadline. I know for me, I'm always exhausted in summer. I don't like to put up a post if I won't be here that day to visit others. As for topics, write about what you choose! I don't think the topics are exhausted. :)

  2. It's not summer here in Aus, and I can say that I'm still struggling to keep up with all the blogs on my list. Definitely sometimes you get burn out from trying to follow so many blogs.

    In my case, what immediately turns me off reading a blog entry is if it's too long. And I tend to avoid many of the "how to" posts, because they are often topics that have been done before. I guess if I am in the middle of a writing activity that requires some help from a "how to" post, I will be more likely to pay attention.

    I am also more likely to comment on blog posts by bloggers who have visited my blog & commented.

  3. No topic is exhausted unless it is written like someone else. As long as your personalities shine through, I really don't think you have anything to worry about! :o)

  4. I think the personal connection keeps stuff fresh... write about writing, sure, but relate it to a real life story. There are a couple bloggers who do a really great job of just sharing straight info, but for the most part I like getting to know my fellow bloggers--the relationship part--and that takes some sharing. It also brings me in when my brain is too full or busy to absorb a 'lesson'--those days I skip the strictly informative.

  5. I love you guy's..es... posts! I tend to avoid writerly advice ones unless it's something I need to read at that time or am looking for that specific advice.I tried to read them all whenever anyone would post them but after a while it becomes too much information you don't immediately use and then it's just a jumble, ya know? But you guys have nothing to worry about post wise!

  6. Yeah, I go through crises of confidence in regards to blogging, but then I get back on the horse. I love reading other people's blogs. I love when they make me laugh or teach me something I don't know. I love when they challenge me on what I am working on.
    Plus, followers can help. I'm doing that Gearing Up to get an Agent thing only so that my followers can help me fix my QUERY letter.
    I am who I am. I've decided not to worry about what I blog about (except when it impacts my husband). If it turns agents/editors off to me, then I guess I'm not the right author for them in the first place.

  7. erica and I just happened to have a discussion about comments and posts being down around the blogosphere and we wanted to be sure we were writing what hoppers wanted to read about. Just out of curiosity (and our need to please) we wanted to know what types of posts you like best.

    And why can't I get the spaces I put in the post to stay where they belong???? Grrrr to blogger! c

  8. I like posts like this :-) I worry a lot about what to post on my blog. Whether it is off topic, uninteresting, etc. Lately, I've had a very different attitude and I just post whatever the heck I feel like posting. Oddly, I've had more traffic on my blog than ever (even in the summer slump) So now I think people should go with their hearts and post and be free. lol.

  9. Often times the muse calls. She gets impatient with blogging and other diversions. And summer is busy, busy, busy. But I would have to say a lot of us bloggers haven't quite figured out what is interesting to readers. I'm totally undisciplined and post travel, flash fiction, recipes. I'm unapologetic because I don't really know what is universally interesting to everyone so I follow my own ecletic bent. The blogs that most attract me are flash fiction, serious discussions of culture/society, information about how to use social media effectively without becoming a slave to it. I keep trying to answer this question about what a blog should be. Somehow it should be like a home with a lot of different rooms. Yeah, unrealistic, I guess.

  10. If you post something that interests you, and that you might find helpful or entertaining if you were surfing, I think that's great! Just like with novels, it's not necessarily the story but how it's told. :D

  11. I remember how many people took breaks last summer. I'm happy to know that people are writing, but I like them checking in once in a while. I don't look for any topics in particular blogs, and I write about what strikes me.

    Happy writing!

  12. Hmmm, well I have been pondering this. I have trouble getting to people's blogs because of time constraints. I barely have time to blog myself but I do pop in regularly to those blogs where I have found a connection... less often with those that I have not had the time to do so (sorry!). I am sure others have the same problem. Summer is busy of course. Everyone is outside more but there is also the issue of topic weariness. I will honestly say that I skip entirely over blogs that are too much like other blogs (I would not put yours in that category). I don't know that there is a key to topics but I don't think you can be afraid of topics either (except perhaps being too ranty or unprofessional). I don't think it's even a problem being political as long as you don't go overboard with the political stuff. You want to be human and show your humanity. I kind of use a major author as my guide and he does all sorts of topics from food to music to kitten contests to science (well, that's what he writes on) and various other stuff. He even gets into philosophy some. Hope that answers the question! Cheers! ~db

  13. I haven't blogged because it's summer and every minute is eaten up taking care of my three kids. I haven't even been able to write. It's frustrating but nothing much I can do. I'm trying to enjoy them as much as I can but also looking forward to back to school. WOC is coming fast and I so wanted to be farther than I am. Very frustrating.

  14. When I go blog hop I treat it like an adventure. I like to be surprised, but I do know some bloggers like a routine or schedule and that's ok with me.
    Talking about writing advices. When it's a topic that I've read about one time too many I just move on to another post of the same blog that's not writing related. :)

  15. I know what you mean; the information seems to cycle around and repeat. But I guess in a way that's good, because new writers/people come along who'd like to know the info, and some people say things in diff ways--ways that click and make more sense to some people versus others.

    I guess we're just sharing what's on our minds. It's like a nice smorgasbord where you pick and choose, and everyone likes something different!

  16. THIS IS A GREAT POST! Sorry for shouting, but you're speaking just to me. All of the above are reasons why I'm an infrequent poster - I really find it hard to post just for the sake of posting. And you're right about the same info circulating over and over again. When the blogging world becomes so internally referential it really doesn't help anyone. So ummm yeah. I can't really say what I want to read when I visit (though I think I agree with Hart, above). But posts like this are fantastic. Wish I'd written it myself, but I really don't post often enough to have the right. ;-)


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