my character is better than your character


this post may or many not interest you.  it was actually just a random email sent between erica and christy while procrastinating writing on weds afternoon.

info you need to know to follow along:

shelby is the mc from christy's ya contemporary romance manuscript.  she is a 17 year old with a shallow mother and a snooty best friend who decides to make new friends (much to the dismay of her mother and bff).  she also begins dating the guy she's crushed on for years only to decide the annoying guy whose locker is next to hers (dane) is becoming less than annoying and more than appealing.

kaleb is the mc from erica's mg ghost story.  he is an eleven year old who takes money from his parents' house guests' kids (they run a bed and breakfast. the parents. not the guests.  or the kids.) in exchange for showing them a haunted room.  he loves his job.  until the ghosts get out of control and put everyone in danger.  the main ghost, the one turning the others evil, is a coyote.

lincoln is the mc's love interest from erica's ya contemporary romance.  he's hot.  and he underwent an extrememly secretive and highly controversial experimental surgery when younger.  the results and therefore his future are still unknown.  he does seem extraordinarily strong and virile though. and gets accused of having sex with a minor (sexting is involved).

AND NOW.  THE DUEL CONVERSATION  between characters from multiple genres and books and writers (er, the extremely funny email erica and christy had earlier today and wanted to share with you):

shelby: i know everything there is to know about wisconsin fossils

kaleb: i can fight ghosts

shelby: no, you let the ghosts IN. that's not cool.

kaleb: but by the end of the book i can FIGHT them.  AND save the world.

shelby: you mean a bed and breakfast ...NOT world. although to a self-centerd eleven year old, maybe.

kaleb:  HA! you should talk about self-centered! all you do at the end ofyour book is kiss the right guy. way to go you!  so worldly.

lincoln: would you both just shut up! I am a super-hero that will never die. Beat that!

shelby whispers to kaleb: i don't want to beat it, but i sure would kiss it. don't tell dane.

kaleb: *rolls eyes* and rides away on a ghost coyote

lincoln:  *winks* and *snaps a picture of shelby with his cell phone.*  i know of a place with some great rocks.

Come on, friends, you've had this happen to you. When do your characters argue??


  1. Best convo ever...can I have my MC weigh in here? Oh wait, all he would do is drop f-bombs....LOL.

  2. ROTFL! This was awesome ladies! I loved it. You've made me laugh and made my day.

  3. Darn it, Kaleb, I've told you a million times not to touch the ghosts! You are in HUGE trouble when you get home, young man. ;)

  4. Fun conversation. It's what happens when everyone's a rock star - at least in your mind.

  5. Interesting post ladies. I loved the banter.


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