you asked for it part 2 (christy makes a fool of herself)

this is all erica's fault.  she did it, so now i have to too.  :0)  (i say that in the nicest, most respectful way because i adore my blog partner)

but i don't have as much to say as she did because i'm in a post trilogy mourning state and my brain is all muddled and foggy and my nose is all sniffly and sad....that, and my husband are going to have "date night" and watch a rare movie after the kids are in bed, which will hopefully be as soon as i'm done with this post. 

(for those of you interested i just finished the final book Forever in Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver, Linger, Forever trilogy.  i hate saying good bye.  apparently.  i have an empty kleenex box to prove it.)

'fun' facts about me (christy):
(i'm trying to remember what erica shared....)

1.  i am a germophobe and hand sanitize after i touch a shopping cart, shoes, a student, and wash my hands twice as much as a normal person who is germ conscious

2.  i have a treble clef tattoo on my lower back.  i got it when my cousin turned 18, so i must have been 22.  she got a sunshine on her spine.  hers was more painful.  mine was twice as large as it was supposed to be.  the guy blamed it on my having wanted it in color and not black.  had i chosen black, apparently, it would have been smaller....

3.  um, labor. ?  i've had two kids.  my third is due christmas eve.  i'll let you know how it goes.  ;)  here's a pic of me (last month) only 3 mos pregnant. yes, i am aware that most do not show at this point.  however, and don't tell me otherwise, it appears (plainly) that with the third child the body pops out immediately to complete preggo status.  i showed at 7 weeks and have continued to look two months farther along than i am.  i am hoping this stops in the next month, because otherwise i am not sure what will happen to my stomach, and the skin that is stretched across it, by november.

4.  i am 5'1".  give a little.  in sixth grade i had a growth spurt after which i almost matched the height of my peers.  shortly after, they all had their growth spurts and i returned to being the shortest in every crowd i ever stood amongst.  i also tended to gravitate toward the tallest friends and boyfriends, my tallest being 6'4".  kissing me goodnight must have really strained his back. 

5.  i don't play poker.  i play a mean connect four and beat my five year old every time.  and i get into fierce competitions with my dad when we play double solitaire.

there, i think i covered all the bases (har..erica i put a baseball phrase in there for you!)

we hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little bit better.  please share about yourself in the comments if you dare want to.


  1. I wish I was more of a germophobe. Things creep me out, but I don't carry hand sanitizer with me, so I must not care too much. The worst is the touch screens at the grocery store self-checkout lines. You can totally see the greasy marks where hundreds of people's fingers have been all over them. Those things should be like machines at the gym, with little spray bottles and towels that you're required to use upon finishing.

  2. Yes, the third baby sticks out right away! My third one was the New Year's baby of 1999, born shortly after midnight.


  3. You look BEAUTIFUL Christy. GLOWING....

    I can't wait to see you tomorrow...

  4. My stomach was way bigger than that for my third child after like 8 weeks. What are you gonna do? We just can't keep those muscles. The juice is worth the squeeze is what I say.
    I've told you enough about myself.
    Except I'm 5'9"...I'm almost double you!

  5. HA! What a jerk tattoo artist. I can't imagine it was intricate enough for that reasoning if it's just a trebel cleft.

  6. I so didn't mean that in a bad way!!! It sounds really really cute!! *facepalm*

  7. You are absolutely adorable pregnant! Not to say that you aren't adorable when you aren't prego, just that you're super adorable now! Hold on... *pulls foot out of mouth...* Okay, I'm back from vacation and I missed you ladies a ton! This was a fun post to come back to.

    Something about me... I'm a 2nd degree black belt. No, really!

  8. Ooh, Heather, super cool! I just got back, too - only 48 hours without internet, but I've got some catching up to do, too! Christy - thanks for the picture. I was pretty big with my 2nd, so a third would destroy what little muscle I have!

  9. OMG you look adorable! Yes, I believe each successive child makes you show earlier. Also, when you're petite, the baby has nowhere else to go but out. So out you went!


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