You asked for it (aka erica makes a fool of herself)

Okay, you guys said you like us, you really like us. And you want to know more about us. What? You didn't say that? Oh, well, it's Tuesday and today you get - dum dum dum dum - everything you were too scared to know about erica (mostly because I'm watching the home run derby and my guy Rickie didn't do well and now I don't know what to post about and - um, let's get on with it, shall we?):

1. This is me, in perhaps the least flattering picture ever taken in the history of photography (circa 12/11/10). You're welcome for making you feel like a supermodel. :)

yes, that's a carhardt coat and a camoflage hat. no makeup. no shower. no shame. also, no eyes (wth?).

2. I was 5'8" tall in 5th grade and wore pink glasses my mom thought were "cute". You want to write a MG story about a girl who didn't fit in? Interview me.

3, 4, 5, 6. I play in a poker tournament every Tuesday night (which is where I am right now if you're commenting and I'm not answering).  I recently came in first at a small tournament to win part of (yes, part of) a trip to Las Vegas coming up in November. My best finish is 6th out of 120 (I think??) for something like $400. I have never played internet poker and find it uncivilized (or complicated...).

7. I have 3 tattoos. A blue rose on my hip that I got when I was 18 because a group of us girls went to get tattoos and I was not very original. A dragonfly on my shoulder that means something to me based on the movie by the same name (no laughing). And a depiction of the tree of life on my upper arm because it's all cool and stuff (or maybe to remind me and everyone who sees me about the circle of life. one or the other.)

8. I WILL lose 10 pounds before I go to Las Vegas. If not, I post pictures of fat on November 2nd. Don't worry, not my fat. Something funny for you, but really, really demeaning for me. I'll come up with something.

9. I really, really wanted to have my 2nd child underwater (back in 2006). Instead, he came in less than 2 hours after my first contraction - and I live 30 miles from the hospital - at 1:15 am. My dr. delivered him in her Care Bear jammies about 1.5 minutes after she got there. I was on a bed and the nurses were still disinfecting the tub. So much for birthing plans.

10. Christy will be totally embarrassed by this, but will also tell you (and me) how she isn't. It's a fact of life in our relationship and we both totally love it. We make the perfect team. :)

11. In the comments, leave one thing I don't know about you. Thanks!!!!!!


  1. No offense, but your sweater pic was MUCH worse (but now that I know there are tattoos hiding under all that wool makes it a little hotter - but not as hot as the tank top one!)

    As for something you don't know about me...when I was 15-16, i dated a girl who took ballet lessons, and when she dumped me, I spent a week listening to Lionel Ritchie's "Ballerina Girl" crying my wittle eyes out

  2. Poker huh? I am just learning how to play that now and losing quite a bit of money as I do.

  3. Fun! I don't have a clue how to play poker so you'd beat the pants off me! :)

    Something you don't know about me. Hmmm... I have the worst sense of direction of anyone I know - I swear I can get lost in my backyard some days :)

  4. I used to play poker online until they made a law against it. And then I read something somewhere about the sites I used to play on doing unethical things. So sad.

    :waves: Hi. Since I'm relatively new here, there are a lot of things you don't know about me. How about... Up until recently I was a homeschooler. Now the only kid is graduated and off to college. In a few weeks, I'll be relegated from sole teacher to 'education support'. LOL

  5. Oh, fun facts! You were tall early! I think I was only 5 feet in 5th grade, but I had 2 years in a row then with over 3 inches and continued at an inch a year until I reached 5'11".

    Had I gotten a tattoo at 18, I would have gotten a rose on my hip, too, but being a decade older than you, tattoos were pretty darned rare until I reached my mid-20s, so I didn't make the effort.

  6. Hart, I'm only five feet now! I love all of this sharing. I guess my turn is tomorrow.... Good luck at poker tonight, e! christy

  7. That's not a bad photo at all! Thanks for telling all... :)

  8. Ha, Mike, that is a bad one (both the sweater pic and your story, actually).

    Thanks all!

  9. This is awesome and I am with you on #9. My third came flying out and my doctor wasn't there to catch the baby, some random nurse was. Disaster.

    Hmm...I think you know plenty about me except maybe that I hate amusement parks because I barf on all the rides.

  10. Erica, I think I got you beat on the MG embarrassment front. My mother was the lunch lady and kept a policeman's whistle draped around her neck for when the cafeteria was too noisy.

  11. Sounds wonderful - that perfect team.

  12. Hi, Erica,

    Hmmmm. Tattoos. That surprised me a bit.

    I've been playing poker since I was five. My parents were totally into it.

    What don't you know about me? You know almost everything. LOL.

    Ummm. Perhaps you didn't know I was engaged twice. The first time at 20, the second at twenty-six... both ladies had emerald eyes and sandy blonde hair.And I never married. So there you have it.

    Hi, Christy....

    I can't wait to SEE you and Nathan on Sunday.

  13. Interesting tidbits, I only crossed the 5feet mark in 10th grade. managed to add one inch to that since then, lol...

  14. THAT's a bad photo? Eh, naw, I don't think so, girl! How fun to learn more about you!! I've never played poker. How about that? Shhh, but I kinda dislike card games where I have to think too much. Now U-No and Go Fish or Crazy 8's I can handle. But all that other stuff--no thanks. ;o)

  15. I was 4'8" in 8th grade (I don't remember how short I was in 5th) and I still feel like the shortest kid in the class, but at 5'3" I'm definitely not.

    Thanks for sharing those fun facts!


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