Quirks, I mean Habits, I mean Themes...

I'm not talking about character quirks/habits here. I'm talking about yours. You know you have them. Quirks, habits, themes - ones that are important to you and make their way into your books and stories every time.

In my case, baseball is always involved. I love baseball - from t-ball games to the majors, I love it. And my characters either watch it or play it, even if it's just a single reference per book. 

Other themes I've heard writers talk about is loving coffee, listening to music, riding a bike, and chewing gum.

How about you guys? Have a recurring theme in your books? What is it and how did it get there? Share in the comments!

And I leave you with a picture of my Milwaukee Brewers All Stars. Love these guys. Happy weekend!


  1. I believe what recurs continuously in my books is sarcasm. I always have at least one very sarcastic character. Does that count???

  2. The quote, "It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees" always finds its way into first drafts. Like Christa, sarcasm appears in my novels a lot. I can't help it. I'm unbelievably sarcastic and it shows through. ;)

  3. I am never aware of that kind of thing until after the book is finished! (I have a couple of picture books that deal with sleep deprivation!)


  4. My MC in one of my book doesn't like bananas. And a good thing too, since they're disgusting. Another one my MC loves to sing. So do I. Huh. Interesting to think about! ;)

  5. Dance seemed to pop up in both of my books.... In the first ballet is heavily featured, and in the second ballroom dancing is featured in a few scenes.

    Both books also featured three characters intertwined.

  6. My quirk is my love of horses and rainbows always shows up in my stories! But not rainbow horses :)

  7. Hmm, a lot of my protagonists have the issue of trying to find a place to fit in in the world--which is often very difficult for them. It seems they usually just have to accept that they're really strange, and make the best of things.
    - Cholisose

  8. Yeah, I only notice these things after I write them. A lot of my novels have MEAN and distant mothers. Like, where did that come from? Eh? My mom isn't like that...

    A lot of my novels also have dance and music in them. And food! I seem to like describing food. ;o)

  9. I have a few little quirks. In every story I write, there is always some reference to baseball, just like you said. I also always have a character that speaks French, and at least one that has traveled to a place I really want to go.

    Quirks are fun!

  10. Carol, that's similar to me, since quite a few of my characters have very bad family backgrounds, so that they react badly to the idea of "family." My family is pretty average, I guess, so it isn't directly from that.

    I have a lot of characters who smoke, too.


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