How editing is like packing for a vacation

I have a big family reunion coming this weekend and I've been packing. It's 3 days at a campgrounds (but luckily, my parents don't camp and rented us a house!) with about 40 of us - swimming, eating, chatting, birthday-partying, smoreing (I don't care if that's not a word, we're doing it), etc. It's about 170 miles from my house and with gas at $3.80 per gallon (and with a Yukon), it isn't cheap to get there, not to mention the cost of the house and the weekend. SO - I'm trying really hard to pack everything we need so our expenses once there are as low as possible. And then it hit me. Packing is like editing. Here's why:

1. It always takes longer than you think it will.
2. Once you're done, you remember one more thing you forgot to add.
3. You have nightmares about forgetting that one big ticket item that makes-or-breaks the trip/book. You get up at 3:00 am and open your suitcase/document and find it's still there. But, shoot, I forgot the toothpaste/small scene. Spend way too long checking for other small mistakes.
4. Realize you packed way too much. Take a few things out. After all, it's 3 days, we don't need every kind of juice my children have ever expressed interest in.
5. Be prepared for hot days and cold days. Pace yourself and know that if it rains, you can always stay inside and read - it might help you look forward to those sunny/inspirational days.
6. If all else fails, take it all back out and start over. It'll take some time, but you might get it right that way.

Happy editing. And happy almost-weekend! (oh, and I don't know much about soccer, but I am excited about the World Cup. Go Team USA!)


  1. Er, the hot days and cold nights might be stretching the metaphor a bit, but I like this one:)
    Have a great trip. I am doing an overnight in my backyard on Monday with my son for his birthday. All I can think is I hope there aren't raccoons.

  2. Ha! This is so true! What a great analogy. I don't mind packing for trips--it's the unpacking and doing laundry right when you get home that drains me. Have a great time!

  3. LOL! This post was worth missing the baby bump post for! Hope you're all set now and have a great weekend (once the drive is over)! I'll post tomorrow. I think it's the editing that becomes the rewrite that is the WORST. I've never unpacked a whole suitcase to start over, but I've done it with an MS...never again, btw. :0) christy

  4. Wow, what a fun weekend that should be! Enjoy! Great analogy, by the way.

  5. I would also add that, at a certain point. perfectly packed or not, with things probably missing, you have to leave the house and go.

    Oh, and Jess, I agree. When I was growing up, we always came home from summer vacation a day early (before we had to go back to school/work) to do that stuff.

  6. great analogy! Have fun on your vacation--it sounds divine~ :o) <3

  7. "Once you're done, you remember one more thing you forgot to add." LOL! It's so true. My husband doesn't look at my strange anymore when I get up in the middle of the night to go add that one last detail. =)

  8. LOL! Great metaphor. I don't know though, my kids change their minds on what kind of freaking juice and snacks they like about every other second :) It's like "But Mom, I HATE this kind" and I wonder since when? Drives me nuts :)

    Ha, but enough about me, have so much fun!

  9. This was a great analogy Erica! Everything was pretty much spot-on! I'm at the kind of rearranging, forgetting the little thing part. Almost there, just need to put this shirt over there, and roll that shirt up tighter.

  10. Have a GREAT time! I'm sure Christy told you that I am doing my own mini vacation in Wisconsin.... Visiting her on SUNDAY... YAY! I wish you could be there with us, but you will all wrapped up in your family reunion. Have fun!


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