First, a rant. My kindle broke. I've only had it for 5 weeks and it's done for. No idea why - it's stuck on some weird gray-shadowy-screen and won't turn on with no real explanation for why it would do that. I'm calling Amazon support ASAP, but waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! I've been taking notes on my ms and now they're LOST. Did I mention waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!??

Okay, on to the actual post for the day: There are a lot of reasons to feel dejected during this game we call writing. There are even more when it comes to the business of publishing. A friend of mine, one that has been writing for several years and has submitted to agents and editors, has a non-fiction book published, and has lots of partial and full requests under his belt, announced this week that while he will write, he will no longer seek publication. It's just too heartbreaking. Sound familiar, anyone?

Sometimes, though, we feel hope. That's what I wish for you this weekend - to remember those moments of hope and move forward with whatever you're doing right now for your writing or journey toward publication. Think of all the things that writing brings to your life and that - while the business side is, well, yucky - becoming published would be the very bright light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some of my (erica's) reasons to feel hopeful about my future as an author:

-the feeling of "Wow, this is a great idea. I should make it into a book."
-getting past that dreaded 50-page mark and realizing I really am making a book out of it
-writing that last sentence and knowing I made a book out of it (even if there are hundreds of revisions coming up)
-having someone tell me that what I wrote made them happy
-the first partial request
-while editing, thinking "Holy cow, I really made that part better."
-and, of course, the constant dream of my big Oprah moment

(btw, I got a good review from the secret agent at Mother. Write. (Repeat.) Crossing fingers for the announcement of winners on Tuesday!)


  1. Sorry about the Kindle, hope that feeling of hope always stays with you :0)

  2. Thanks for the reminder to keep the hope :) It sure is hard sometimes, but that moment when the phone rings or an email comes through and an editor makes an offer will make it all worthwhile!

  3. Aw, we always need that reminder of hope. Thanks Erica! Good luck on your secret agent entry!!

  4. It happened to a friend's kindle after a month. He called and they sent him a new one... no worries. Amazon is great that way!

    Congrats on the review Erica and good luck!

  5. Congrats on your great review! My fingers are definitely crossed for you. So sorry to hear about your Kindle, and your friend who is giving up on publishing. :(

  6. Thanks~ I needed a little hope today :) Congratulations on the secret agent comment--hope you win!

  7. yeah, I hear good things about Amazon's customer service. As for the hope, I hear good things about that, too.

  8. I'll check in on Mother, Write, Repeat. Fingers are crossed. Hmm...I need to think about your friend who is pulling out of the publishing industry. It's so much of a wild west right now, I am surprised he's not self-publishing. I don't know his story, but perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.
    Also, I revised my first book this weekend, and looked at it with my new editor's eyes and said, "What a cute little first novel." I've decided to keep the plot and rewrite the whole thing. It sort of makes me sick, but a new first chapter is already in my head.

  9. I had very good experience with Amazon's Kindle support. I wrote about it here:

    Also, can you hook it up to your computer and see it as a drive? If so, you can look for a file called (IIRC) "My Clippings" and it will have your notes in it.

    Also, the gray screen thing could be a power failure. Leave it attached to the computer for a while and see if it charges that way.

    (BTW, Amazon sucks as a web hosting company. So, my feelings are quite split about them. But I do like the Kindle and the support.)

  10. You're right - we have nothing if we don't have hope. Good luck tomorrow with the anon agent on Mother. Write. (Repeat)


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