it's a BOOfest! and i've got a real life ghost story for you

Quinn and Patricia A. Timms are hosting a BLOGFEST for today!  Click on image (up there) to read other participants' haunted recounts (real life horror stories)! 

I, personally have never experienced any form of haunting, but a colleague of mine lives with one every day-- and has since she was very young.

Here is her story.

Years ago, when she was just a little girl, she took a walk down her street to visit the woods at its end. Ever since, the man has followed her.

The dead man.

Thirty years have passed since that day on the street in front of the trees, the day he first attached to her. He's followed her from home to home, and even now, in the house she built with her husband, he remains.

She's never seen him, but knows he is there. He rests at the top of the stairs. She can feel him. His prescence chills her. She smells the putrid smoke from his cigarettes.

So do her children.

His fingers poke at her in the middle of the night and tug at her bed sheets. She knows he stands at her window and watches her while she lays in bed.

Professionals have come to rid her house of him. He is too strong. He laughs in their faces.  They tell her what he looks like.  What he says.  And that one day soon she, too, will see him.

Her light draws him in and he plans to stay.

Her son wakes with nightmares. He may have the light, too--with his own dead who follow in it.

She's searched for the dead man's history in data bases at the library: obituaries, articles. She has yet to pinpoint his name. More than likely, she's told, he's been dead for over 100 years.

Halloween is not a spooky time of year for her. It makes no difference. Every day she is reminded that some who have died choose not to move on.

And every day she's haunted--

by a ghost of a man who once was.


  1. What a chilling story and you told it beautifully!

  2. NIcely written. Your voice of sympathy is so clear. What a horrible thing to live with. It's sad for the family and for the spirit who refuses to move onto the next level.


  3. I know that feeling. creepie that she can't find anything out about him.

  4. Wow, that is a creepy story! If only she could find out about him maybe she could find out how to get rid of him. Great story, it gave me the shivers!

  5. The warning that she'll see him soon is creepy. You saying that he's after "her light" and that the son may have "the light" reminded me of the finale for Ghost Whisperer where Melinda's family is refered to as "the family of night."

    Glad you could participate. I really enjoyed reading this (I kinda feel bad saying I enjoy reading about something that's causing another pain).

  6. That should have said Melinda's family was refered to as "the family of light." These nails can be a problem when typing.

  7. That gave me the willies. Yikes.

  8. ooh, good story. The chilling part for me was definitely when they he said she would see him soon. I hope not in the way we think. Thank you for sharing this. I likely won't forget this one. When I was little I was afraid I was being watched by ghosts and it freaked me out. Now I'm going to be wondering all over again. :) Thanks for participating!!! Very well written.

  9. Wow! That was chilling, especially the part where they tell her she'll see him soon. Very scary! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi,

    OMG, I would hate that kind of a haunting. He sounds sinister, as though biding his time: for what, though?



  11. This story is soooo spooky! That part about her seeing him soon...*shudder* So creepy! Thanks for sharing :D

  12. Thank you all so much! She has learned a lot about him in the past year. She went on some live show (can't think of the name right now) and learned that he actually thinks he's married to her and possibly another woman, too. When she learned she'd see him soon they meant she'd view him in her house. I can't imagine waiting every day for that event to take place. Definite shivers. christy

  13. Great story! I love ghost stuff... I know it would probably ACTUALLY be creepy, but I just think it's cool.

    My neighbor in Portland said my husband has a woman who hangs out with him. One day she described the woman to him and he was shocked at how closely she described his mom.

  14. Very creepy tale but with such a great author voice!

  15. Well written. It's a rather odd tale though.


  16. I would not handle being haunted very well.

    If you get a chance, stop by my blog "Substitute Teacher's Saga". From 10/28-11/1 I'm hosting a Halloween Haunting. There are prizes!

  17. Very chilling. He's like a tick that's feeding off her, but one she can't grab and pull off.

  18. That is the most chilling Boo-fest entry I've read yet!

  19. Ooh now that is a great story. I loved the sensory info too about the cigarette smoke and poking and tugging the bedsheets. Maybe he's a distant relative or a needy tramp she once ignored who is getting his revenge? Maybe she needs to try talking to him instead of the professionals. WOW! :O)


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