Too Too Sweet! (Our Twofer Tuesday Post)

christy's award

erica's award

 Rachel Morgan gave us a Friend Award!


We think lots of you are pretty "sweet" too.  So handing out these awards was as easy as pie...a piece of cake really.  Take an award to go!  One belongs to each of the following friends of ours.

1. rachel morgan for giving us crazy ladies a friend award in the first place
2. michael for always standing by us (and leading the half-marathon race---just...can't...keep...up!)
3. mia for promising to make us look popular if ever we have a book signing and for her blog literary jam and toast for making us laugh (while teaching us a thing or two!).  a fave blog.
4.  clarissa draper for following us and putting us to 50 and for having an amazing and technical blog (it taught me a thing or two!)
5. grandpa for asking about team jacob (cuz i just love to think talk about taylor lautner jacob)
6. th mafi cuz we want her for a friend.  who wouldn't?

1. dl curran for joining us in our 21k and rocking at it
2. hart johnson for writing in the tub and obviously being very successful at it!
3. rach for competing and writing a dystopian (inspiring me to add that genre to my "someday I'll write a ...." list
4. jamie for running writing a half-marathon with us (and for listing both twilight and marley and me as "likes" since they inspired me to write (christy))
5. su for enjoying our inspirational post and wanting to blog about running
6. Patricia Timms for the same thing and for sharing it with others.  AND for joining us in our race.  without her first day kick in the butt i wouldn't have gotten anything written. awesome luck in nano!

and i'd love to give one to erica  without her i'd not be blogging. or be learning what i have recently about writing. especially to stop putting two spaces after a period.  this task is way harder to stop doing than writing adverbs.  who knew?  (but we promise NOT to post THREE awards on our blog.)
(erica intercedes and cuts her off. trust me, its for the best. that girl is giddy when you give her sugar)


  1. Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs (and for returning the award. Am I to thank erica or christy or both? ;-))! I especially like Mia's Literary Jam and Toast - full of laughs!

  2. Yay, yay, new blogs to look at! I agree that putting only ONE space after a period was a hard habit to get into, after years of being taught to put two. Fortunately, Blogger was there to help with that; unfortunately, MS Word left me hanging to slog it out all by my onesie.

    I still haven't stopped with the adverbs, because I haven't written a novel yet. (Adverbs are okay on a blog, right?)

  3. Thank you ladies for the award ... you are both too SWEET! I am having a blast on you blog. It's taking me out of edits and writing again. Since you became a part of my daily life, I have written a short story, had lunch with one of my favorite ladies in literature, and added almost 10,000 words to my current ms.

    I have also immersed myself into the blog world and when the marathon is over I might actually create my own blog.

    What fun it is jump from blog to blog reading about other writer's ups and downs, feeling their wit, talent, and pain. I've been introduced to so many wonderful blog sites through yours ... I hope to add mine soon.

    Can't wait to see you guys this summer....


  4. Ahhh! Thank you so much! This is really sweet of you. I love awards! As soon as I find time I will put it up on my blog. (Hopefully today) Your competition is fierce. I'm loving it though. I'm feeling not only inspired but competitive, which I've never felt with my writing before. I imagine it's great practice for NaNo. Thank you for hosting this competition.

  5. WOW! Thank you! You really are the sweetest.


    I especially LOVE this award because it has cupcakes in it *HUGS*

  6. Also you're awesomely kind *blushes* I very much enjoy making people smile.

  7. hahah awww thank youuuuu :D

    and congrats to YOU!

  8. Thank you so much for my award, I LOVE that one!!! You girls rock (and congrats on 50+ followers by the way). It's so lovely getting to know you and following along with your blog :)


  9. Oh,thank you both very much! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your and other writers' blogs - you are one happy and fun community, with lots to learn from too.

    Now the two spaces after a period, I do that ALL the time. I learned in school that you are supposed to pause longer there compared to after a comma (?)

  10. You're all welcome. We've really enjoyed getting to know so many great people in the blogosphere (and you, too Michael :)

    Su - the trick in MS Word is to go to Edit - Find (space space) Replace all with (space) and voila!

    Grandpa - one space goes against all we've been taught, but it's standard publishing procedure (so I've been told) - but an easy fix, so don't sweat it. (don't tell christy I said that, I love to bug her about it).

  11. Awww...thanks you guys! This is really sweet, and very cool that you're putting my blog out there for others to find. I'm not as witty or funny as you two, but I'm working on it! Thanks again!

  12. Wow! So many thanks to you for the yummy-looking award! So didn't expect it... but you two are just the sweetest on the block! Thanks so much (and I'm a little behind on words but hoping for a little boost tomorrow.) Have the greatest of days!! ;)


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