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  1. I'm writing this weekend, too. Just popped by to follow you from the Halloween Haunting over at Theresa's place.

  2. Happy writing - I've got a write-in tonight with a friend. I'm shooting for a couple thousand words after the kidlets are in bed... getting primed for nano, my darlings! Let's take on the world (and finally have 21,000 words so I can officially finish the half-marathon of words!) :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm so proud of both of you sitting home and writing. I love your enthusiasm DL, get over that finish line!

    I should be doing the same, but I wanted to stop by and say hi!


  4. I can't believe you Nano-ers. Craziness. Maybe this competition will get me ready to do one next year. Probably not officially and probably not in November (see Tuesday's part about being so busy this time of year), but you know, maybe! The good new is I'm over 1500 words for today! And I have a bunch of time left in the day (plus, you know, the whole raising a family thing!)

    Thanks for everyone's support! Happy writing!

  5. HEY! I THOUGHT WE WERE ALL OFF BLOGS TODAY?!? and yet here we are. oh, break time? DL, you still in! Yeah! now, i'm really gonna crank out the words tonight. (btw, just woke up from a nap)NANO? that is craziness. but, erica i'm still up for julwrimo or whatever you proposed. christy (michael, you're officially over the finish line and you've probably passed us all again!)


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