Nothing but treats around here

christy's kids will be transformers. erica's will be a bow hunter and a crypt master (whatever that is). they'll be getting tons of treats, so we figure you should, too. here you go, take your pick:

oh, wait, we have a few more treats in store for you. november is about to be one very sweet month. don't forget to tune in tomorrow!!


  1. I'll take the almond joy!

    Sometimes you feel like a nut ...

    You have me intrigued on what you to have planned for November.


  2. good, cuz i'm super excited and it starts tomorrow!

  3. OOh fabulous and how exciting a blogpost cliffhanger.Happy Halloween and if you get a chance do drop by my halloween blog party. :O)

  4. you guys passed me a blog award and I FAILED to post about it. I am so sorry. I will remedy this next week.
    Happy Halloween!!!


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