Here comes November. . .

We know some of you are doing NaNoWriMo. Some of you, like us, aren't, but will still be working, writing, and editing. We'll both be aiming for that 21k (see our progress in our sidebar to the right) and looking for inspiration to keep us going.

Well, we're very proud to announce a great lineup of published and soon-to-be published authors who agreed to do interviews with erica and christy this month!! We are so excited!! Please follow the links to their blogs/websites and see what great people they are! (and we'll add to this list as soon as we get a couple more confirmations)

Mike Wood (tune in tomorrow for this one!)

Hart Johnson (coming up Friday, Nov. 5)

Gae Polisner (Friday, Nov. 26)

Megan Bostic (Friday, Nov. 19)

JC Phelps (Friday, Nov. 12)

Rebecca Coleman (Tuesday, Nov. 30)

Our goal was to bring you some inspiration along your own journey towards publication and these interviewees are as varied in how they started and where they are now as the genres of books they write. Please, when you visit their sites, leave a comment letting them know you stopped by. And don't forget to check in to erica and christy all month long to get the scoop - most interviews will be posted on Fridays.


  1. Best of luck on your word count! I'm not doing NaNo either, mostly because I couldn't wait to start my new book! I can hardly wait for all the interviews, sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Good luck to you,too. It IS helpful to know the number of people typing/writing away right along with me. Keeps me going...er, gets me started! christy

  3. Congrats to those authors. Good luck on Nano :O)

  4. I'm not a NaNo-er either, but best of luck to those who are. I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming interviews.

    ♥ Mary Mary

  5. I decided not to do NaNo at the last minute; my November goal is to revise and query an existing MS. Best of luck meeting your goal, and I'll be sure to check back for the interviews!

  6. I love reading interviews so I'm looking forward to them!!! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!!! Nice 'meeting' you both! All the best to your writing!!! :) I'm cheering you on!!! :)

    Please come over my blog as Ali has got a contest and she's giving away a signed copy of Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero!!! :)

  7. You guys will like these interviews - I know this group of people personally (well, virtually anyway, more on that tomorrow) and they're a fun, brilliant group.

    Alison - you probably already know, but watch submission guidelines VERY carefully in Dec./Jan. - many agents are closed and everything is sluggish.

    Len - my son drools over anything Rick Riordan. A signed copy could get me in "Best Mom Ever" contention! :)

  8. Erica,

    That's great! It will be like old home week for you all! An ABNA reunion! I'll look forward to them since I know them all too...

    Christy congrats on your word count... I'm waiting for more pages.

    Erica... you added 4000 plus on yours... YAH!

    Miss you guys...


  9. Wonderful! Can't wait to see the questions you ask them. Thanks, ladies!!


  10. I really hope you ladies make your goal this month! I'll definitely be stopping in to check your progress and cheer you on.


  11. Michael, I KNOW! erica rocked over the weekend. i have a feeling she got a TON done last night, too. I'll "visit" you today!

    Thanks, Jackee! We hope you enjoy the interviews as much as we will!

    JC Phelps- Thanks! I SO need cheers.



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