Mealtime Madness Monday

So, the other night, christy and I were hurling emails back and forth at lightning-fast speed (we can't figure out how to chat, so we email, we know, we know. . .) and she mentioned that she watched a fun show on TV that related recipes to history. It was my week to do today's post and she thought I might have fun with that concept.

To me, history is not fun. I know several people who think it's awesome - especially finding out about one's own geneology. Not me. It just seems like work and I'm already too busy. Luckily, there's all sorts of room for differing interests in this country/world. In fact, if there's one thing I know about history, it's that tons of people have fought for the rights of other people - including the right to not enjoy history (that part I might have made up).

So - here's my (semi) historical post tied to a recipe. In fifth grade, my classroom got its first computer. No one, especially our teacher, who retired 3 years later, knew how to use the darn thing (btw, this was 1984). Eventually, a younger teacher took pity on us and plugged in a floppy disk of the game Oregon Trail. My class loved it and I have many fond memories of killing prey to feed my family, only to have said family die off and me writing charming eulogies on their gravestone, such as "Fart." I'm pretty sure I myself have died of both dysentery and cholera at least 1,597 times. (yes, there is a recipe at the end of this post and I swear it's better than the pickled red herring one - which, by the way, was part of the requirements of the blogfest I was in that day, not something I actually eat!)

I'm dedicating this Mealtime Madness Monday post not to the game, however, but to the people of our history who travelled the real Oregon Trail. Some of them walked it. Many of them never made it - all in the hopes of creating a better life for their families. Amazing.

These were the guidelines for making the trip: "The allowance of provisions for each grown person, to make the journey from the Missouri River to California, should suffice for 110 days. The following is deemed requisite: 150 lbs of flour or its equivalent in hard bread, 25 lbs.of bacon or pork, enough fresh beef to be driven on the hoof to make up the meat component of the ration, 15 lbs. of coffee, and 25 lbs. of sugar; also a quantity or saleratus or yeast powders for making bread, and salt and pepper."

Keeping those ingredients in mind, and assuming they had some chickens along with them for eggs, I offer you my kid's favorite meal: brupper (you could call it "breakfast for supper," but we like "brupper" better). The protein would be needed to walk across the country for sure!

Bacon Omelette
2 bacon strips, cooked and diced
2 eggs
2 tablespoons water
salt and pepper to taste
(note: I also recommend onions, green peppers, and of course, Wisconsin cheese)

In a small bowl, beat eggs; add water, chives, hot pepper sauce, salt pepper and bacon. Pour into the same skillet; cook over medium heat. As eggs set, lift edges, letting uncooked portion flow underneath. When eggs are set, fold omelet in thirds.

That's it! Easy, peasy. Enjoy your brupper! And leave comments below - what's your favorite historical fact or era? Or are you like me and can barely remember a time before computers (or can't at all, depending on your age) and never took the time to learn about it?

**oh, and here's your reminder to watch the live chat tonight on writeoncon. link here.**


  1. ladies I love you and granny jo is here to help. are u on gmail? good, point your arrow to Erica or Christy's name and it will bring up her profile, all you need to do is click on invite to chat. I like Arturian Legends does that count?

  2. Cool post about the Oregon Trail and what they were to carry! I MIGHT have read about that in school, but who the heck remembers school at my age?

    I'm seriously considering brupper tonight!

  3. Wait, there was a time before computers? Nuh uh. Thanks for the reminder about WriteOnCon tonight, I totally forgot! *Pssshhh!* Life before computers, now THAT is a fantasy. ;)

  4. Oh man, I remember when we got Oregon Trail too (I think it was 6th grade for us). LOVED it. It was SO cool having a computer in our classroom. I love history btw- I was a Religious Studies major and my favorite subject was Colonial American Religions. I just LOVE all the rich history of our country. And I found out a couple years ago that my family were founders of Long Island and The Hamptons (um, where's that money btw?) But I was so excited (I thought I was purely European, and my family farely new to America) that we actually have ancenstors dating back to the 1600's in America. Anyway, that was way too much info, and now I'm going to go play some Oregon Trail.

  5. Fun facts, everyone! Oops, off to Writeoncon!

  6. I love breakfast food, and like you can't see any reason not to eat it all day...


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