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Remember last week when I told you about the book trailer Megan Bostic did for her book, Never Eighteen? And remember how I asked you to vote for it so she could win a trip to the Sundance Film Festival and take her mom, who's a total movie lover? No?!? Well, click here and do it and to find out more about her book (and crazy awesome video talents). Then come back and read my interview of (um, no drumroll today, you already know who I'm talking about)

Megan Bostic

Megan's debut novel, Never Eighteen, will be released in Fall 2011 by Houghlin Mifflin Harcourt. Here she is:
Tell us about your book. It's a book about life, love, and loss. A seventeen year old boy embarks on a weekend journey to help the people he loves realize that they only get one shot at life, and to not take it for granted.

What's the best thing about writing? For me it's a form a therapy. For those who don't know me, I'm called the angsty writer (a self given name, but after a survey, four out of five authors agree). On a daily basis I roil with emotion, usually the only thing that helps is to take that emotion and pound it into the keyboard. This is why most of what I write deals with turmoil and tragedy. And much death. :)

What's the worst thing about writing? How do you deal with that part and keep writing? Writer's block is definitely the worst. I hate when I'm hot on a story and all of a sudden I hit a brick wall. Usually I deal with it by making some notes, writing down where I want the story to go, and I figure it out from there. I just had to do that with my current WIP (Work in Progress for you lay people)

What's your favorite food/recipe? Please pair it with a complimentary (or your favorite) wine/beer/beverage. My motto when it comes to food is "So much food, so little time" because I love it all. I suppose my ultimate favorite food is pizza. I like beer (Michelob Ultra) with my pizza, but normally my drink of choice is a nice Malbec.

What else do you want our followers to know about you and your journey towards publication? That it's been hard at times, fun at times, but every "no", every heartbreak has been worth it. And you can witness my journey on Youtube. just look up itlnbos, or Chronicles of an Aspiring Writer. Heck, just go here  :)

What are your future goals as an author? My future goal is just to keep writing. Never stop. And to write things that make people think, feel, cry even. And I wouldn't mind making a few bucks out of the deal.

How did you break it to your family/friends/etc. that you wanted to be an author? What did they say? What do they say now? When I started writing, I just did it. And let me tell you, it's the first thing I've done in life that felt right, that I was good at. First I let my husband read what I'd written and he liked it and said I should do more. Then I accidentally left a manuscript at my parent's house and they said I have some talent, that I should try and get published. And that's what I've been doing since, which was eight years ago. Now, they're all proud of me because I've accomplished what I've set out to do.

What is the planning process like for your novels? Pretty much I just sit down and write with reckless abandon. If I get stuck, like I said before, I make a few notes to get back on track.

Who is your writing mentor and why? Or, alternatively, who do you emulate? I'm not sure I emulate anyone. My style is my style. There are writers I love but really don't write like them (Stephen King, Dennis Lehane), but if I chose a writing mentor, I suppose it would be Jay Asher (Thirteen Reasons Why). When I read his novel it touched me in a way no other novel had before. It was resonant. I wanted to do that, do write like that, to make people feel. And he's a cool guy, very approachable. I want to be like that as a writer too. I want to talk to my fans, help other writers.

If you had a pet elephant, what would his/her name be? How do elephants influence your writing style? How does the movie Dumbo make you feel? .) I'm partial to monkeys.

erica hearts Megan (which, incidentally, is pronounced Mee-gan - yeah, I had it wrong at first, too). You can find out more about her and heart her, too, by going to her blog.


  1. well there she is with her Knee Socks. once again congratulations on your book and wow you've been at this for 8 years? I guess I should not even think about whining then.

  2. my mind went elsewhere when you started talking about laying people, but I'm sure the rest of the interview was good!

  3. Thanks, Megan! Even though you avoided the elephant question and never take my advice, I wish you the best of success.

  4. Joanna, I started writing eight years ago, but the novel getting published I wrote two years ago during NaNoWriMo. It can happen pretty quickly sometimes.

    Bad Mike.

    Erica and Christy that you for the opportunity.
    I heart U 2.

  5. Thank you for introducing us to Megan! I'll definitely put her novel on my to watch for list for next year!

  6. a good monkey is hard to find.


    that's all I have to add, except that I've met her personally and Megan does rock.

  7. Hey paisan,

    Nice to see you here at erica and chrisy's. I enjoyed your interview. I can't wait to get my hands on your book. Have a great Thanksgiving!


  8. Yay, Megan! (What more can I say?)

  9. I love Megan's story idea. I'm anxious to read the book. Congratulations Megan! Your number one fan :)

  10. Nice job, Megan! I hate to say it, truly HATE to, but you don't sound in the least bit tortured.

    By the way, folks, I've hired Megan to make ME a video trailer of my new novel, "The Rabbi's Mother."

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  12. Thank you Heather!!!
    And yes, Gae, a good monkey IS hard to find which is why I have to keep making emoticons of them >(:(|) Pensive monkey.
    Scotti, hugs!!
    Oh, it's exciting and a little creepy that my number one fan is anonymous. :P
    Jody, ha, I know, right? But it's all destruction and death when I write. lol. Can't wait to get started on your video!!!

    and yes, i deleted a post because of a typo. I'm a writer after all.

  13. Megan!!! Yay! Anyone here who hasn't checked out Megan's videos, please know she is FAMOUS for it. And deservedly so. Go look, hurry.

    I just saw a lady recently with a "service monkey". The lady suffered from seizures and the monkey signaled her when it was time to sit or lie down. Apparently, animals besides dogs can tell when people are going to have a seizure. So, I'm off to look for a "service elephant." Oh, and a shtload of diapers.

  14. I am not creepy. I'm a Facebook friend. LOL. But I am your number one fan. You are a terrific writer.

    Mike Sullivan

  15. I was just about to say that our Anon could be so many people. . .thanks for visiting, everyone. Happy writing!

  16. I was too lazy to find my google password. LOL...Go Megan! Mike Sullivan

  17. I really enjoyed this interview. I related to many of Megan's answers. And I'm liking the stripy leggings. (not calling them socks.)

    Also, Dumbo made me cry.

    Happy Thanksgiving ladies!

  18. Great interview Megan! It's fun to see how different we all approach things when so many of our goals are so similar.

    Thanks for hosting Erica and Christy!

  19. LOL MIKE!!!! haha.
    Hi Randy!! I read an article that said they were using Monkeys as guards in India. I want a guard monkey!!!
    Lola, thanks for reading. Dumbo made me cry too, especially when Mrs Jumbo sings Baby Mine. I used to sing that to my kids.
    Hart, it is interesting how all our styles and approaches are different when trying to reach the same end goal.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to read, and again thanks to Erica and Christy for hosting this author series.

  20. Nice interview Megan!

    I hear monkeys can make awful housemates. My grandma had one and said it was horrible.

  21. Megan, I enjoyed learning more about you and am excited for your book to come out. I enjoyed your video! I hope you get to take that trip with your mom! Thanks for doing an interview with us! christy

  22. Great interview Megan, loved to learn more about you. Thanks for hosting Erica and Christy :)


  23. :) Great interview Megan! I too have met Megan (at Gae's house, no less, lol) and talk with her daily, and she does simply ROX. :) Looking forward to reading the book when it comes out!!

  24. Great interview! I'm definitely looking forward to checking out your book when it comes out. I like funny...but a little angst and few tears are good for the soul. :)

  25. Oh, JC, nice to see you thanks for reading, and thanks for the heads up on the monkeys. Guess I'll stick with my sock monkey.

    Christy, thanks so much for hosting me here. I loved the opportunity.

    Rachael, thanks for coming by and reading me. Always love connecting with readers.

    Tracy, <3 (your rox too)

    Karla, I look forward to reading YOUR book too, I have the old version, but I'm going to have to get the new one too because that cover is hot!!

  26. Eight years... I've a ways to go yet! Great interview Megan... and I heart monkeys more too! They're just... faster. ;)

  27. Great interview. I wish you success with the book.

    I guess I'd have to say I'm an angsty writer too.

  28. Thanks Debbie. We'll be monkey sisters then, yes? >(:(|)

    Theresa, thanks so much. A little angst never killed anyone.

    Mike, I see you up there. I had written a thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you in the post I had to delete because of a typo. Sorry, missed putting you back in. :( Looking forward to chatting more with my fellow Italian.


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