it's a monday. so here's a mealtime madness post.

(possibly with a little more madness than mealtime)

I travelled around a bit as an exchange student in college.  Then, addicted to travelling, I continued to fly over the ocean until I got married and had kids.  Now I'm afraid to fly.  How does my family life affect my travelling, you ask?  I'll tell you.  (This is Christy's post, I might as well warn you now.  I'm the babbler long-winded one of the two of us, so you can skip skim the post (I said SKIM, not skip) for the least dorky interesting parts (of COURSE there will be an interesting part) or just go straight to the recipe. If my four year old will eat it, anyone will eat it--and enjoy it, I might add.) 

As I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, I no longer fly because I'm afraid I'll get in a plane crash. After the birth of my first son, while I was still in the hospital after having him, I had the most vivid dream I'd ever had.  In it, I sat in an airplane with my husband and child while the plane dove into an ocean. I can still see the scene. The thought of crashing with my children on a plane with me is unbearable.  The thought of crashing in a plane without my children, leaving them behind, is also unbearable.  I know there are many other accidents  and illnesses that can have the same effect.  This, for me, is just one of those phobias I haven't gotten over yet.  We've flown with our kids, but not over an ocean and not often.

this is harlaxton manor and the naked mile that
stretches out in front of it. 
yeah, we ran it naked.
(see the post for the part where
 i mentioned we drank a lot of beer)
 If you're skipping skimming until you get to the recipe, then keep scrolling because I'm still babbling discussing my travels in this paragraph.  I studied overseas my sophomore year in college.  Where?  Well, have you ever seen the movie The Haunting?  With Catherine Zeta Jones and Liam Neeson?  They filmed it the semester (or maybe two semesters) after I left the campus I lived on while studying in in Grantham, England (where Isaac Newton grew up). If you've seen the movie, you may remember the manor the film was set in.  We lived in that very manor.  (Not in a traditional British home with a British family.)

(i'm still on the topic of my studies travels  drinking beer in college, meaning-scroll on if you must) So, basically, I lived with 40 Americans while learning about England's history (from British and Scottish professors) and travelling around on weekends.  We truly learned a lot. About drinking good beer.  (I gained 12 pounds while there.)  (We were only 20 at the time. House parties in the US only offered Busch and wop and jello shots in one hundred year old basements.)

If you haven't seen the movie, it may very well be due to the fact that it came out at about the same time as The Blair Woods Project.  (My husband and I watched the history channel recently and learned all about the history of Halloween, including the histories of many scary movies.)

(getting very, very close to the food portion of this post) So, I've had lager in England, wine in France and Italy, beer in Germany and Canada and Ireland and Scotland and Austria, and Tequila in Mexico.

My point?  I've never been to Argentina, but have recently declared it my next vacation destination.  Why?  The other night I watched Dancing With the Stars and decided the Argentine Tango is my favorite dance.  AND, most importantly, my favorite, newly discovered wine is from Argentina.  MALBEC.  It's the smoothest red wine I've ever had.  Diseno is my favorite brand of Malbec.  It finishes with a hint of mocha.  MMMM.  (This is probably not the best way to decide which country to visit next, but the backs of wine bottles make the countryside sound delightful.)

(um,just to be clear, i don't excessively drink alcohol.  i did many, many other culturally relevant things in each of those countries besides drink alcohol.  after reviewing this post, however, i may agree with you that i may be a parenthesisaholic, however.)

And this FINALLY brings us to the real purpose of this post.  So, if you were skipping everything else, (yeah, I can be a realist) STOP HERE.  Pair tonight's menu item with a great glass of Malbec.


(note the link...and click)
while you cook, drink, and/or eat enjoy a little present from me to you


  1. Since I've had children, I don't mountain bike anymore. Not that I was on extreme trails, but there was one I went on regularly that just dropped on the side. I didn't have a dream, but I just lost the urge to do it.

    Sounds like you had fun times. I hope you get to have them again soon.

  2. Hi,

    Hee hee, I came for a gander at the recipe and the image of Harlaxton immediately caught my eye. Rather grand extravanza architectural wise (Victorian)and built on site of older structure, but it does have an interesting history before becoming a college.

    Seems like you had fun and games in good blighty! ;)


    ps: have you checked out my upcoming blogfest for Dec 18th Twisted Christmas Fairy Tale?

  3. Thanks, Theresa! I DID have fun and met some great friends!

    Francine, I ALMOST put some of the history of Harlaxton (and its neighboring manor in), but I think THIS post was long enough! LOL. (another time another post...) Hope you were able to FIND the recipe you came for (click on the word "porkchops"! I'll definitely stop by to check out the blogfest! Sounds great!!!

    Thanks to you both for stopping by! christy

  4. Fascinating piece about you Christy. A world traveler. How fun to live in Europe. I loved living there. When I modeled I would live there for six months at a time. I mostly spent time in France, Spain, and Italy. I love England I only got there a few times.

    I've been to South America. Colombia.The people are wonderful. Of Course, Argentina is a different country, but I've known a few people from there, and they were super sweet and raved about their country.

    As for you flying ... my mom told me the first time I flew. She said "With all the thousands of planes that travel in and out of world's airports every hour, how often do you hear of a crash. Meanwhile you do hear of many car crashes." I hope this helps.


  5. I've never been anywhere, so I'm not commenting on that part. But I do love porkchops, so thanks for the new recipe!!

  6. Christy,

    I share your same fear of flying after I had my kids. When my son was only a couple months old, I watched CASTAWAY, of all films! Now I always travel with really comfortable shoes WITH LACES and dress my kids in bright colors. (I can't avoid flying since I'm from South America.) Which brings me to my next point. I also LOVE Argentinean tango. In fact, my first novel, set in a South American town (not in Argentina) has a tango dancing theme (my protagonist has to dance *that*!)

    Thank you for posting this video. They're both incredible dancers. Also, thanks for joining The Writing Sisterhood blog!


  7. I love that you traveled in college, Christy! I went to Europe in high school, and then again in 2008. I love it so much, and want to bring my husband and daughter back sometime! It takes a lot to get me on a plane anymore...but not because of a fear of flying. The time before the last time I was on a plane, I got deathly ill and was in the bathroom vomiting the whole flight. Yay. That, coupled with my bad back and shoulders = no flying. Although we did it last summer, and I survived just barely. Anyway, phobias are hard to shake- good luck with yours. And pork chops are so yummy :)

  8. Michael, it sounds like you've led a very interesting and exciting life! You must have SO many great memories and storiest to tell!


    Lorena, ooh your first novel sounds fun!!! I'm glad I'm not alone in my flying fear, but since you have to travel I hope you conquer yours. (No more plane crash movies!) Thank YOU for visiting us at our blog!

    Abby, I hope you get the chance to travel with your husband and daughter. I, too, hope to share my love of traveling with my family one day. I hope your next trip is more pleasant than the one you described.

    --The recipe wasn't much, but if you found it under our "we eat" tab, it might be a different take on porkchops than you've had in the past. Or, maybe not. BUT, if you have a YUMMY pork or porkchop recipe YOU LOVE, add it to the comments and WE'LL add it (with a link to your blog) to our tab. We're always on the lookout for new recipes!---


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