finally, the beginning of a soundtrack for my WIP

LAST saturday i had a bad case of the writer's block blues

THIS saturday will be a completely different story--i found my FIRST inspirational song that meshes with my WIP!

so, i'll share it with you and hopefully get lots of k written!  BEST OF LUCK TO YOU GETTING K WRITTEN, TOO, WRITING FRIENDS!!!

thank you miranda lambert!

oh, and our friend - and next week's interviewee - Megan Bostic - entered a video trailer for her upcoming YA novel, Never Eighteen, to a contest at Mishmash. Please visit and - if you enjoy it (which you will) - vote for it. She can take her mom to Sundance if she wins!! Go here to vote.


  1. Nice I have just added James Blunt to my Eminem's list

  2. There are so many songs out there that are perfect for inspiring me. Trisha Yearwood's She's in love with the boy is an excellent example. In just 3 or 4 minutes worth of song, she provides description, narrative, conflict, vivid characters, dialogue; essentially the works. Other songs do this for me as well, but that one song really sticks out in my mind.

  3. Great song for inspiration! I can picture several scenes springing from that one song.

    Good choice!

    All it takes is a little inspiration as long as you run with it and don't let that feeling slip away until you've got it on paper (computer screen)!


  4. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! I went through this Kelly Clarkson phase with one of my novels . . . Yeah, I'm not too sure about that one now.

    ♥ Mary Mary

  5. Cool! You know, I don't listen to music while writing so I never really had a soundtrack in my head. But some songs to remind me of my book, and I have this picture in my head of slow-mow hair blowing in the wind, awesome magical fighting, and romantic kissing.

  6. I used to open Pandora on my laptop while I wrote, but kept going back and forth between the tabs to see who sang it, click on the lyrics, etc., so I had to quit. I'm easily distracted!! (but Miranda Lambert is super cute and a great singer, fun choice)

  7. Joanna- I love, love James Blunt! Hmm. I wonder if any of his songs could work for this novel...

    Jeffrey- I know what you mean. Songs have an amazing way of creating imagery and a story in so short a time. I think that's why the lyrics paired with the music are so inspirational to me as a writer!

    Thanks, JC!

    Mary Mary- if it worked at the time then it was worth it!

    Abby- that's how it is for me, too. I've only really listened to music while writing a few times. Usually I'll hear a song on the radio while driving and if it sparks ideas for my WIP then I know it's a good one. I'll usually buy it at itunes and add it to my running playlist. Then my plot will grow while I run.

    erica-i can see how that would be a problem!


  8. Hi Christy - first, just wanted to say thanks for the "follow back" and visiting my blog! I love tree pictures, too - lol. And loved your thoughts on my sad little balloons!

    You know, I think about songs for my MS as they would apply to scenes for my story if it was ever made into a movie. I did that this weekend, in fact. I thought Missy Higgins' "All for believing" would be great in a love(like) scene for my Protag and her two love interests.

    How many people (aside from Stephenie Meyer) really have a soundtrack for their entire novel? Hmmm... :)


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