(almost) 100th follower contest and GIFT GIVEAWAY

wow. and by that we mean WOW!! (almost) 100 followers. we're speechless. well, we would be speechless if we were sitting here looking at (almost) 100 people who didn't want to listen to something we said. but in this case, if we're speechless, well, we wouldn't exist, right?! so, here we are, semi-speechless, wanting to send a personal thank-you to each and every one of you.

thank you x (almost) 100

now. one of (almost, jeesh) 100 of you will get an even more personalized thank you in the mail.

all you have to do is answer this question (in our comments or via email--see contacts tab) and your name will be put into a "hat" and then we'll draw ONE lucky follower's name out and voila!  we'll announce the winner (and of course send them a basket box filled with goodies! (um, please be kind and only enter if you have a US address. we're teachers. in Wisconsin. and not published. thanks!!!!)

and the question is: Who do you wish was your sidekick? (you can't say either erica or christy.)

enter by SUNDAY, november 14, 2010  at midnight (CST)

we have the BEST followers
all (almost) 100 of you are TOPS!


  1. Wish I could enter, but congrats on your nearly-100 followers!!! :)


  2. Well congrats to you.WELL DONE!
    I live in the UK so I can't enter I'm afraid

  3. Oh, I wish I had a sidekick who was shorter than me, so I look taller. Maybe an elf or fairy or something? Tinkerbell would make a good sidekick and the fairy dust would come in handy!

  4. Congrats ladies! I'm in the throes of my 100 followers giveaway(did you guys enter!).

    And for a sidekick I would love to have Odie from Garfield. Firstly, I LOVE him. Secondly, I don't think there's a more endearing, loveable, LOYAL character out there!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  5. Madeleine and Rach...THANKS! We appreciate you, too! (Some of our "gifts" may be perishable, so that's another reason we wanted to keep them US-bound.)

    Yay, Megan and Jamie--our FIRST entrants! Oooh a fairy would definitely be a handy sidekick, and having Odie around you'd never be lonely. THANK YOU BOTH!

    Jamie--I think I entered? I follow you. I commented. Look right at our sidebar, I've linked to you with a pic of your five books in the giveaway....I WANNA WIN :0)

    (erica, if I win jamie's books (me, hehe) i'll SHARE, of course)

  6. HI Ladies,

    This is such great news! I am so happy for both of you! I remember when I followed, I think I was a late teen or early twenty. Man I wish ... lol. I love the thought of a sidekick. Now, who would I choose? It would have to be underdog. How cute is he! Faithful pet during the day and crime fighter at night!

    This seems to be the month of fantastic giveaways. I'm having an HP blogfest, I hope you to can join in the fun. Just 500 words on having a holiday with an HP character.

    Let's hope you make it to 200 soon!


  7. Congrats on coming up on 100 followers!

    Sidekick, eh? I've sort of got a side-posse--my fellow Burrowers totally have my back and different members seem to serve different functions. I would hate to put any of them in order though, so it's possible I should just disqualify them, so I am going to say Sketchie Skattergood (my buddy Stacy and founder of planet Spankmenow)--I think she is the person most capable of maximizing the trouble I can get into.

  8. I would pick Drew Barrymore...she seems like alot of fun.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  9. I wish Hermione from Harry Potter was my sidekick. She is super smart, loyal, and knows lots of spells. She is someone I'd like to have my back :)

  10. A special thanks to the new followers today - we might need to take out all the (almost)s before we go to bed tonight!

    And the 2 biggest HP fans I know didn't pick one of them - you guys are full of surprises! Great ideas, everyone.

  11. Congrats on almost 100!
    I can't enter but I wanted to congratulate you guys anyway.


  12. Wow, well done both of you! Congrats!! :D

  13. Congrats on almost a 100! Sucks I don't live in the US... And I had the PERFECT side kick to tell you about.. And now you'll never know!

  14. Clarissa, Marieke and Rachel...OH NO! SOMEDAY WE'LL SEND PRESENT INTERNATIONALLY! IT'S A PROMISE! so i'll find a way to find out who your perfect side kick is Rachel.... :0)

    did i mention perishable?

  15. Okay, so I totally jinxed it by saying we would go over 100 yesterday. The little follower thingy was stuck just as badly as christy at her 50% point.

    But we're over the block. Thanks to Throughthehaze - our 100th follower!!!! And keep entering the contest - it's easy, fun, and free.

    And, yes, sorry, US-only. We wanted to put together a fun gift basket with stuff that screams Wisconsin!!! So, perishable. And heavy. Next time, we'll go all techy and send stuff via the internet to anyone with an email address!!!

  16. Sidekick? Hmm. I would most likely have to go with one of my own characters, Portia Adaina. She's a hero on the Flettleglag Force who is no-nonsense and yet has a heart of gold. If someone is tormenting her friends she will let the tormentor have a taste of her fist. I'm looking forward to the day when my book comes out and I can introduce her to the world.

  17. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad to be part of the partay here. Looks like we have a lot in common. I was at writeoncon this summer and I'm a twilight mom down to the stalking the actors here in Portland during the filming of the first movie. *super blush*

    My sidekick? Well, Harry Potter would be an awesome sidekick, especially if he had his wand in tow :)
    Gotta say that I love Dimitri from the Vampire Academy Series, though. He would definitely be better to look at than Harry.
    Wow, I could really go on about good looking must have sidekicks, so I'll stop while I'm at two.

  18. Sweet! You're at 101! Good job girls! Wow, you have a lot of overseas readers. Okay so my sidekick if it could be anybody would be Buffy Summers. But if it had to be literary, it'd be Sabriel- she can totally walk in death. That'd come in handy someday I'm sure.

  19. jeffrey-hope to meet portia soon!

    michelle-welcome. we try to have fun here. another writeoncon friend! yay! AND a twilighter! sooo jealous you got to stalk the actors.... hp is a great pick for this week. you'll have to stop by our friend michael's blog In Time...see side bar. NEVER STOP talking about good looking sidekicks!

    thanks, abby! just stopped by your blog and saw that you mentioned sabriel there, too. will check that out soon!!!

  20. A side kick...well that is difficult. Real or imagined. Now, I guess if it is a real person I would pick Meg Ryan, she makes me laugh and if it is someone from fiction I would go with Harry Potter. His positive attitude and magic gifts might come in handy. Then again, he might tell me to clean the house already.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  21. Nancy, Meg Ryan is one of my all time favorite actresses! French Kiss and You've Got Mail are two of my favorite movies. Good picks! (I'm sure Harry would just use his magic to clean it for you, so it would work out!) christy

  22. Yay! You've passed the 100 follower mark. Congrats, ladies.

    This is going to sound kind of weird, but my sidekick would be a character from one of my favorite TV shows, Criminal Minds. Dr. Spencer Reid. He's scary smart and sexy in a geek squad sort of way, but he also knows how to use a gun which could definitely come in handy.

  23. Hey, everyone - christy assigned everyone a number, emailed the total to erica, and erica used her random number generator on her computer (really, not just a guess, we're very techno that way!) and . . .

    Congrats Ashley!! Watch your email or contact one of us for details!! (oh, and tell your friends - an international contest coming up when we hit our next milestone)

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful answers!!
    erica and christy


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