your twofer tuesday post: Cliffhanger Blogfest PART DEUX...Pick me! Pick me!

Brenda Drake's The Never-ending Scene/CLIFFHANGER Blogfest DAY TWO

scroll down to see christy's post for the contest

And, well, that's it. Sorry, we're tired. We've had a long week. It's parent-teacher conferences, writeoncon, reviews for cliffhanger scenes, not to mention raising four boys and two husbands collectively (as well as something like 40 elementary students). So, check out christy's scene from yesterday.

Munch on some pecans.

Return tomorrow for your daily dose of awesomeness by erica and christy. And, um, comment on christy's link below. See you tomorrow. Sorry we're taking a nap, but it's needed.


  1. Love the baby sleeping.

    I could use a nap too! Helped a friend move today.zzzzzzzzzzzz

    I just finished my last review on the blogfest,


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