Are you worth quoting?

Through meeting some published (self- and traditionally) authors, I've come to know the word "swag". Through reading blog posts about writers and agents who go to large conferences, I know that a TON of authors have it and hand it out to spread the word about their books.

SWAG = free stuff = book marks, pins, trinkets, etc. (and btw, most swag is paid for by the authors themselves. if anyone's interested in hiring a graphic artist to do swag for them, I know a great one and let me know if you want his contact info.)

Most of the swag I've seen is focused on the book cover. But some of it (especially pins, I've noticed), have quotes from the book on them. Maybe a snippet of dialogue. Maybe the logline. Something that could only have come from that one book. (after all, everyone knows "May the force be with you." right?)

Which led both of us to wonder - are we quoteable? Is there something in our books that leaps out to readers and connects with them enough for them to want to wear it as a pin? Or highlight it on their kindle? Or write it down or memorize it or tell their friends?

What kind of line would make you want to remember it forever? Or do you have some you'd like to share (from your own book or anyone elses?)?


  1. There are quotes that strike me all the time. Usually they come near the end, so they'd be spoilers. I hope my books become quotable.

  2. Interesting point. I'll have to give that some thought.

  3. Since I'm getting ready for my launch I'm learning all about swag and being quotable. Coming up with those lines is HARD! LOL! But I'm starting to figure it out. Here's mine:

    Some secrets change you life, others change your world.

    Discover the secret this fall!

    It sounds so simple but it was so hard to figure out, even with help!

  4. The book that my sister is currently querying *crosses fingers for her* has this great line that makes me laugh every time I think about it:

    "Sometimes life is worse than hippos"


    Fun post!

  5. I find these little gems all the time. I've just started highlighting them in my Kindle so I can go back and look at them. I don't think I have anything quotable yet. I'm crossing my fingers though. Fun post!

  6. I've thought about this alot over the years actually. I always find nifty quotes my friends use, but I'm still working on my perfect line for it.

    If I had to choose from any of my writing- I would choose this from one of my poems:
    "Pictures are leftovers
    I devour with tears"

  7. Hmmm... how about my twitter post this morning? "A day that starts early in the morning can't possibly get any worse"? I may have to quote myself on that one, not being a morning person....

    OK seriously. I'm not published (self or otherwise), and I'm a really bad reader - I'll read something, love it, mean to underline it/mark it/copy it down and then forget. I'll remember 'oh there was this really cool sentence in here somewhere' but really not have the time to look for it all over again...

    Here's something from last year's NaNo novel that I rather liked:

    “Well, if you do not think about cute little squirrels whilst eating it, it tastes fine.”
    Taren picked a chewy bit of meat from between his teeth. “Stringy little buggers. They don't taste nearly as cute as they look.”

  8. VERY cool! I've never thought about being quoted some day. Hmm...I wonder if I AM quotable. *runs off to check manuscript* LOL

  9. There is one line that I hope will be quotable one day from my first novel.

    "And then she was gone, as if an unexpected breeze swept her away."

  10. LOL...

    I just glanced over to the comments number and I just passed my former self in the polls. HA! Christy said I would do it!


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