fun days ahead for our followers!

I don't have all the details decided yet, but since I agreed to post on Saturday, and didn't, I figured I'd better sneak a Sunday post in here...and let you all know that we have book giveaways planned for the upcoming weeks! 

This week I'll let you all know what you can win!  SUMMER GIVEAWAYS @erica and christy!

I hope you're excited!

Almost one year ago, I visited my first blog(s).  I didn't even know they existed before then!  And I'm ready to celebrate my one year bloggiversary of blog hopping!  Just wait until erica and christy's first year bloggiversary comes in the fall!  (More giveaways!)

We're feeling so generous because we are so happy you visit us!

And we can't wait to share our gratitude with you with multitudes of books!

Okay, enough teasing.  I promise to share the details very, very soon.

Before I sign off, I'll leave you with another random thought from my head.  (Christy, btw)  I used to keep a journal.  Four or five years ago, my sister-in-law gave me one.  It was mustard colored.  The very same color that covers my walls and most books I choose from the bookstore.  Yes.  Cover color influences my choices.  I didn't realize it until one summer when all the books I'd read were piled up on my nightstand.  I happened to look at the pile and notice they matched.  Anyways, I started writing in the journal after the birth of my first son.  I didn't want to forget anything about his growing up.  I wrote down everything he did.  Every important event from those days.  Every word he uttered.  Every new food he tried.  Every thought I had about him.

Once my second son was born, I wrote in it...occasionally.  Now he's three and I don't think I've written in it for at least a year and a half. 

So today I was thinking of digging it up again and adding to it.  I don't want to forget the words he says either.  Or the funny, funny faces he makes.  The kid's hillarious.  So, long story short.  (Too late?)  Here's a list of words you may need help understanding if you ever end up conversing with my three year old (just in case I don't get around to getting the journal out):

tid= kid  (As in--  I a big tid, Mommy.  I not a baby.)
tidding=kidding (As in-- Brant not do it, Mommy.  I do it. I just tidding.)
Brant= Grant
brink= drink (As in-- I need a drink, Mommy.)  (Who doesn't?)
nack= snack (Only he no longer really asks.  He just ransacks the pantry on his own.)
nake= snake
yuk= Luc

There's many more, but I'll save those for the journal.



  1. Ha! I actually made it on Saturday after all! Enjoy the rest of the weekend Bloggy Friends! C

  2. Yay! Can't wait for giveaways!! And I haven't journaled in twenty years but isn't blogging like journal.

  3. Christy, I was the same! I wrote reams about my first, a lot about my second, and then fizzled out and stopped by the time my third was about 2. I wish I'd managed to keep it up. I love rereading all the entries (which fill multiple journals) and I know there are lots of things I'll end up forgetting - or have already forgotten - because I didn't write them down. I know this because a lot of what I wrote comes as a surprise when I reread it :) So yes, write down those precious things. They're only 3 once.

  4. Hi, Christy,

    That is usual.... When my oldest brother was born my parents had a zillion pics of him ... they even had them photo etched on plates... When my second brother was born they did about half of what they did for the oldest. Then I was born.... need I say more.

    I'm glad you're bringing that journal back out. You younger son sounds like a hoot. You don't want to forget anything,

    I'm looking forward to your fun summer giveaways AND you blogoversary! I don't know if Erica ever told you but yours the first blog I visited when I began blogging and the first I followed. Yes, Erica introduced me to this wonderful blogging community!

    Have a great Sunday!

  5. What a great idea to keep a journal for your little ones like that. I love it! Of course they may hate it if you pull it out and show it to their dates later in life. ;)

  6. I remember my girls learning their words- those were the days when they were the most amusing.

  7. Yeah, as Christa says, blogging is really journalling at times. Happy blogoversary!


  8. "Yay!" for the giveaway and "Awwwww, cute!" for the words of your little one :)

  9. I wasn't very good at journaling after the first one and I was worse after the second one. Oh well. Every now and then I feel bad about that, but sometimes you just have to forgive yourself.

    I would come visit you two even without giveaways!

  10. Well, I can't speak to the kid side of it, but I can tell you that well-meaning friends keep buying me journals, thinking they'll be used. Ha! Good thing journals make really pretty Bunko gifts. ;)


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