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A few weeks ago, Christy asked you guys for advice on Kindle vs. Nook. Erica asked for her advice last week when my husband said he was sick of tripping over my books and he was giving me an e-reader for my birthday (which is next Saturday). My dad is the KING of consumer research, so I knew if I brought it up to him, he'd figure it out for me. (um, sorry for the change in pov here - this is Erica and I'm excited, so I'm switching from third to first and back - I PROMISE I don't do this in my novels!!)

erica and christy are proud to announce they are both the new moms to two Kindles. We are NOT saying anything bad about the Nook in anyway. Kindles were just the choice we both made (well, christy made her own decision and then erica let her dad buy her whichever he chose for her birthday - yes, her dad, so now she has no idea what her husband's going to get her...) (pretty sure it won't be an iPad, but a girl can dream...).

Don't get us wrong. We LOVE real books! We love shopping for them and reading them and curling up with them and looking at their covers and...well...everything about them. But we're also impatient (you can download a book to a kindle in like 12 seconds) and moms (shopping for books isn't easy with two kids running around the store) and sometimes poor (hey, we're teachers - and you can get FREE books on the Kindle as well as quite a lot of cheaper-than-the-real-thing books if there are some you just want to try). Plus, then we can have 2 copies of the same book and our husbands won't tease us for it (really, we like to buy books more than once. or maybe we just forget we already own them *whistles and backs away slowly*).

How about you? Have an e-reader? Any tips for us? (and as a treat to anyone who stuck with this post all the way through - christy has a secret reason why she hasn't been posting as much lately. she's very tired. scroll down the left sidebar to see how many miles she's ran this month and you'll find out what the secret is. :)

Oh, and since it's Monday, here's a recipe for a snack that's Kindle and laptop safe!!

Dried Beef Cheeseball
1 (8 oz) package cream cheese, softened
1 (3-4 oz) package dried beef, diced (rinse each piece to reduce saltiness if desired)
2 green onions, chopped
1/4 tsp. onion salt (can substitute garlic salt or seasoned salt if desired) (I've also heard you can sub chopped white onion, but haven't tried it)
1 Tbl. Worsteshire sauce

Combine all ingredients well (I put on gloves and smoosh it up with my hands). You can roll it into a ball and even roll it into crushed pecans if you want to make it pretty, but I just put it in a container if I'm not taking it to a party. Eat with Wheat Thins. You can also spread the mixture onto tortillas, roll up, and cut into pin-wheels. Super easy and super yummy!


  1. I do love my Kindle. But if it's a book I know I'm going to love, it is still just as cheap to buy the hardcover and then I can give them away to friends or my library! I still read both.

  2. I just finished my very first kindle book. And the experience was great! Since the book was sooooo good it took me less than a page to forget I was not reading a "book" (well, I forgot I was reading at all really). I actually put my fingers up to turn a page once. I'll still buy "real" books too. I love them too much. I like to collect them. To look at them. To hold them. I'd be sad if my very own novel never lined anyone's physical shelves. AND YEAH. I'M PREGNANT! 13 WEEKS ALONG. DUE CHRISTMAS!!!!! christy

  3. Congrats, Christy, on the big news!!!!

    I use my iPod Touch and download Kobo and Kindle books (only if it's not available on Kobo) onto it. I love it! And it fits into my purse. But mostly I still buy YA books in hardcopy. That's because I love preordering them. You can preorder on Kindle, but for personal reasons, I choose to support Kobo (and the main book chain in Canada--who partly owns Kobo).

  4. My birthday is coming up and I think I'm going to ask the hubs for a kindle too. It just feels like the right choice for me. Glad you girls are enjoying yours!

  5. Oh wow! First congrats Christy that is so awesome!

    Next, yay for the Kindle!I have a Sony, and it's not half as cool. I have to read Kindle and Kobo stories on my notebook because I can't figure out how to get them on there. Could be just me.

    Now for that dried beef, where the heck does a girl find that? Are you talking like a beef jerky? (yeah- I don't get in the kitchen much, but this sounds yummy!!!)

  6. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW BABY! Congrats again. What a fantastic time to give birth to a wonderful new life. I couldn't be more happy for you Christy!

    I have a kindle and I LOVE it .... What's nice about the kindle is the pages don't glare like a computer screen, so the reading is similar to reading the paper pages of a book. Now Erica knows that I got an IPad for my birthday and I LOVE it too, but for different reasons.

    IT is a awesome and fun device, but it glares like a computer, so I still read on my Kindle and of course, my books.

    LADIES ENJOY YOUR NEW ADDITIONS to your family.... Happy early birthday Erica.

  7. Enjoy your new Kindles! I love my Kindle, but I still read real books when I can.

  8. Congratulations Christy! Whoo hoo!!! That's fantastic news. *happy dance* Oh yeah, and congrats on your Kindles too ladies!

  9. What fabulous news, Christy! Congratulations!!!

    Between you two and Michael, I'm about convinced that Kindle is the way to go. I've held one. It was NICE. That's the first step, right?

  10. You'll love the Kindle.
    OMG Congratulations Christy!

  11. I still don't have a Kindle... I'm kinda daydreaming about the Blackberry Playbook at the moment!

    And congrats, Christy!!

  12. THANK YOU ALL! You are all very sweet. I held a nook once. It confused me, I'll admit it. BUT I'm glad we can annotate on the kindle, so if anyone wants me to read any of their work....send it over to me! nc_hintz@kindle.com (I think that's right.) christy

  13. The hubs threatened me with an ereader for Christmas. I shot him down like a...well I don't like the mental image of killing a bird but let's just say it was that brutal. Maybe one day I'll be converted, but for now the hunt and the pleasure from seeing them all lines up on a shelf and snuggling down outweigh the convenience.(plus, the hunt and the bargain chase actually save me money. If it was there at the touch of a button, Lord knows how broke I'd be! That takes willpower not to just buy buy buy buy!) BUT I'm not a mom either, so I bet that makes a huge difference! Congrats on your fancy gadgets!!

  14. Congrats on the pregnancy!

    Yay! Kindles! My dad got me a Kindle for Christmas a couple of years ago. My reading has gone way up since then. I used to read constantly but then I had kids. Then I got a Kindle and I read even more than before. It helps that it will read to me as I drive from one place to another.

    Tips: You can listen to audio books on your Kindle too! There are some great blogs out there that alert you to free/cheap books. Pixel of Ink is one of them.

    Have fun with all things new!


  15. Christy! Congratulations! No wonder I haven't heard much from you, you must be so tired. So exciting.

    I love my Kindle. There are email things you can sign up for that tell you new and free and bestsellings books and kids' books and then you can choose to find out more and/or buy them. I've found lots of great free books that way. If you're interested, I'll forward the next one to you, because I don't remember how I found it - probably on Twitter.

    I also put my mss on my Kindle and read-through and even make notes. And you can listen to your mss that way with the text to speech function.

    And I downloaded a Yoga workout program and a Notepad program, and there are math flashcard programs for kids, and games...

    Um, yeah. I love my Kindle.

  16. Thanks for all the advice! Mine just came in the mail today, so I definitely need to figure it out!

    Colene - I was the same way at Christmas when he said he'd get me one. Oh, how things can change in 6 months! :)

  17. I can't wait until you announce the winner.

    I still have my regular books. No e-readers. I'm really not interested. I've embraced lots of other technology, but I'm attached to my books.

    That said, I'm still happy for you guys. Enjoy! And happy birthday, Erica!

  18. Aw man, this is just like when I was a kid and was the last to get a Walkman. :( I've got nothin' for ya, but I'll be very curious to hear how you're liking your Kindle. If Mr. Consumer Reports bought it, it must be good, eh?

    CONGRATULATIONS to Christy!!!


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