What It's Like to Share Your Baby

Elana Johnson is sharing her baby with the world today. You can find her all over the blogosphere today, talking about her book and lots of blogs are giving away copies (some even signed). Here's what her baby looks like (I think it's a girl. Wait, it's blue, so maybe it's a boy. whichever it is, it's beautiful):

Product Details

I (erica) was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book over a month ago. Because of our blog semi-hiatus and writing goals and super busy May schedule, I didn't want the temptation to read it and gave it to my friend's teenage daughter. I also gave her my copy of Across the Universe (which I had already read). She read them and shared them with a friend. Who read them and shared them with a friend. Who...yeah, I'll never see them again.

You can go to Elana's blog to see all the great blogs she's visiting during her launch week for your chance to win a copy of Possession (warning: if you get one, don't give it to a teenager unless you don't mind never seeing it again)! Awhile back, several blogs invited people to submit questions for Elana and ours was answered today over on Theresa Milstein's blog - did you know Elana wrote 10 books before she got a book deal?? WOW!! What a great accomplishment for her to finish this one and share it with all of us.

So, Elana wants us to admit about a time when we broke the rules. Hmm...what to admit to??
  • we tell our kids "watch this movie while mommy's working" and then we blog hop instead
  • erica wrote a contemporary YA book when everyone said contemporary wasn't selling
  • christy wrote a fantasy/paranormal YA book when everyone said that trend was over
  • we can never manage to follow the rules when we join a blogfest. we have no idea how that happens
  • erica forgot to schedule a post today, so this is what you get, 5 hours late  :)  (no offense to Elana - we really did want to talk about her, but it was supposed to be a book review. see above, about the teenagers)
  • oh, and our "we're back to posting daily in June" thing isn't happening. we're back to posting four days a week instead. you know, so you get actual helpful posts instead of whatever happens to pop in our heads at that moment
Don't forget to go wish Elana well and good luck with winning your very own copy!! Since I already won one, I'll be entering for christy and buying my own!


  1. Congrats to Elana and good for you ladies for not listening to what people say trends are and writing what your hearts wanted to write!

  2. Hi, ladies,

    YAY for Elana.... The blog love is certainly spreading for her over the blogosphere. I posted about her as well today.

    I am certainly looking forward to more posts for you two.

  3. Breaking the rules when writing is ALWAYS allowed, imho. :) Glad your arc got lost in a good way!!

  4. I so would not have let that ARC of Possession out of my sight!!
    (though it is great that so many got to enjoy it :-))

  5. I am a total rule breaker. I think it's because I'm the youngest child. So glad that the blogosphere is so excited about POSSESSION. Elana has been an inspiration to all of us.

  6. *giggles* Rules are for wimps. You might as well put them in a pair of PANTS they are so lame... Love your broken rules! And I am seeing Elana everywhere, so YAY for successful release promo!

  7. Rules? Oh, yeah, those things.

    Totally agree with the "loan it out and you'll never see it again" thing... although I'm much more forgiving when it's teens than I am with (presumably responsible) adults. At least all the kids you know are reading, right?

  8. woo hoo for elana! i CAN'T wait to read possession! she IS such a well-known inspiration! (THANKS, erica! you're so sweet to enter me. you have WAY better luck than me!) christy

  9. Hurray for Elana!
    We have a lot in common btw! I'm a former teacher and am moving to Wisconsin soon! (and I'm a mom!)
    Kelly Polark (blogger won't let me log in!!)

  10. It must be terrifying to share one's baby but that's a fate we wish upon all of our writer friends!

    So glad you're back to posting four days a week. We missed your lovely posts and humor!

  11. I'm so, so happy for Elana! I know it must be scary and exciting to share her baby, but wow, what an amazing accomplishment! Thanks for the tip about teenagers :D

  12. I was smart - I read my ARC BEFORE I gave it to my daughter (who also loved it!). It's a really fabulous book :)

  13. Coolness. I love that you tell your kids you have to work, and then blog hop instead. Classic! Thanks for entering our blog hop.

  14. I already got it in the mail and finished it last night. Love all the techtricity! Worth reading.

  15. A big congrats to Elana! It's been fab to see all the good news about her everywhere.

  16. Hehehehe awesome! I'll pop over and say hi now. Bad luck on losing the ARC.


  17. I'm so psyched to read Possession--I won a copy from a blog contest and am practically greeting the UPS guy at the door every time a package comes!

    I think breaking the rules is a truly important part of writing! You just have to know and understand the rules before you go charging through them. :P

  18. I love that you can't seem to follow the rules when you enter a blogfest! That made me laugh! I can hardly wait to read Possession. I have been waiting for mooooooonths. Time seemed to slow way down once she got the release date!


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