Time to be helpful.

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You see, reading YA helps you write YA. So, we're helpful, yes?? hehe - here are some links:

Our friend Christa (who's awesome and if you don't follow her, you totally should, so go ahead and do it right now, don't worry, we'll wait) has this really cool link on her sidebar for a publisher who accepts non-agented (and agented) YA-crossover and adult romance. It's Entangled Publishing and definitely check it out if you write in that genre!

On the same note, one of their editors had a very informative series on writing YA vs. Adult romance.

Erica was not a winner at a first-page contest recently, but Shelley's doing another one. Click here to participate.

As a result of my very few Twitter visits (really, I'm almost 36 and Twitter seems like a bunch of bother - says erica, who feels very old this week) - I discovered that a couple of Harlequin imprints are accepting submissions. One, dear to our hearts (yep, we're old, and we use that phrase) is inspirational.

We've both been struggling with the e-reader revolution. Read this for more information. (btw: erica and christy are both the proud owners of Kindles. YAY!!)

And yeah, well, I meant to include more than this today. But life sneaks up on us and now it's late and I have to go. How about a music video to harness the teen in all of us?? Who was your favorite music sensation from your teen years?? (and remember, erica admitted her age above!)?? (also, she admits to two - ok, three - NKOTB concerts. and, um, yes, she knows there's a new tour. and she so wants to go doesn't care.):

(late addition - I meant to include this one and somehow it didn't make it!) Any picture book writers out there? Here's a contest for you - Put your book in a Cherrios box!!


  1. i LOVE posts with helpful links. so thanks! i signed up for shelley's first page contest. now i'll have to get solstice done by the 25th. woo hoo for that! also, the entangled publisher is one i'm pshyched about, but not for solstice...protag has to be 17. poor dawn.

  2. I loved NKOTB. I think the NKOTBSB tour would be fun. I think it is the best of boy bands together at last.

  3. I was a very reluctant Twitter adopter, but I love it now. So much easier easier and faster than blogging or Facebook.

    I'm only 3 years behind you and firmly believe you're only as old as you feel. Today you can feel old (we all have those days), but tomorrow your whole life is ahead of you! :-)


  4. Took me a long time to adjust to Twitter too, now I'm a faithful tweep and neglect all my FB friends. Twitter's just easier.
    And congrats on the Kindle! I love mine! Mainly for reading my own mss and that of others for beta reading.
    I remember calling a radio station and requesting that song: Hangin Tough. LOL!
    And I turn 38 this year. *fans the hot flashes away*
    Thanks for all the links!:)

  5. Ahh, so many links. I'll have to check them out now. And thanks for reminding me that, despite what I try to believe, bands like New Kids on the Block really did exist....no matter hot much I try to tell myself they don't...

    <3 Gina Blechman

  6. Oh my god. NKOTB was my first concert. I think I'm relapsing.

  7. Erica, NKOTB?! *shudders* Then again, you probably don't want to know who I was obsessed with in my teen years. ;) GNR, though I hated the big hair. If you don't know the acronym then I feel old. *weeps*

  8. I have not heard New Kids in a long time!

  9. Nothing like a little NKOTB. That video takes me back to junior high school ... *sigh* A great time since I didn't have a bill in the world to pay!

  10. Both of you are Kindled? YAY, congrats and enjoy. Thanks for the links.

  11. So nice of you to keep us up to date on all the stuff going on around the blogosphere. My first concert was Rick Springfield and my mom actually took me.

    Also, since you both are so great I decided to tag both. You're IT!

  12. Thanks for the links. I used to be a HUGE Nsync fan. They were definitely my growing up group. lol And my first concert.

    I wanted to let you two know that you have ANOTHER chance to get an ARC of Shatter Me...I noticed you had tried to win on the Write Hope blog.



  13. Who me??? *waves shyly*
    So delighted you tagged me!! Everyone should submit to Entangled who is writing great romance or upper YA.

    You all are made of Awesome!!


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