Mealtime Madness Monday

Got a cookout to go to?  Need to bring a dish to pass?

Here's an easy recipe that anyone can make in a jiffy.

Taco dip:

Spread softened cream cheese on a medium-sized platter.
Spread a layer of salsa over that.
Cover the two layers with shredded cheese (cheddar or your preference).
Put the tray in the oven or microwave to melt the cheese and warm the layers just before serving with tostitoes or your chip of preference. 

(If you need some cheese options to choose from, check out my hubby's online cheese store selections. http://www.springsidecheese.com  If you find something you like, you can order and have it delivered to your home (US only)!  Stay tuned for Monday Mealtime Madness recipes featuring his dad's cheese made right here in Wisconsin!  I love cheese and married into a cheesemaking family to prove it!)


  1. I'm going to have to remember this recipe. It sounds yummy! :D

  2. Yum! (No fat there!!) Makes me long for ye olde barbeque days. Thanks.

  3. We have a cold version of taco dip that we make....sour cream mixed with a packet of taco seasoning, spread on the bottom, layer toppings. I like the hot idea though!!

  4. We have that up here, too, but usually add some lettuce and maybe tomatoes and/or black olives on top. Last week I dressed it up and made 7-layer taco dip for our Little League potluck - yummy!

  5. Wow! This sounds delicious and looks like something even I might be able to manage making without messing up :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Two ways hot and cold. Gotta love it.

  7. this is good, but i'm still a fan of what i consider to be the traditional taco salad. i'll have to add that to a future post. christy

  8. Um...yum! Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to look for your giveaway in the next few days!


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