tuesday status update #2 (totally interrupted)

well, as promised, here's our weekly progress report:

We, erica and christy, interrupt our regularly scheduled post to say we mostly edited and outlined. We also:

Lived life. Celebrated birthdays. Cheered at soccer games. Nursed sick family memebers. Taught children. Took dead cars to the mechanic. Washed laundry. Washed dishes. Washed children. Taught chilren...oops.

Have we used these excuses before?


But success is not always measured in word counts. And everything - EVERYTHING - I mentioned will help us reach our goal. Even *shudder* cleaning after sick people (trust us, it motivates you to work!).

Hey - you guys have been here for awhile. Just for fun - who wrote this post? erica or christy?? And what's your progress this week?


  1. I can totally relate to the living life issues. I'm just trying to survive getting up at 5:00 am to get my daughter to swim practice, picking her up after practice everyday, capsule night at school & a swim meet this week. Good for you for getting some editing and outlining done. I need to outline.

  2. Don't you hate it when life interferes? I REALLY would like laundry, litter boxes and broken things to start looking after themselves. Enjoy any progress you DO make, given how many obstacles there were, eh?

  3. You ladies have been busy! I'm so sorry your families have been sick. :( That's great to hear that you're making a little progress though on your writing. I'm making a little on my editing too.

  4. I'm just glad to have enough energy to outline a little these days, too. Same excuses here! I'm so sorry I guess I haven't visited enough yet to know if this Erica or Christy, I'm guessing Erica??

  5. Don't know you ladies well enough yet, to guess who wrote the post, but I can sure relate to it!

    The bottom line is there just aren't enough hours in a day, or a night to do everything.

    I can't work without my 'to do' list, and my weekly 'goal list' but then its still an uphill struggle.

    Hope you have a productive Wednesday. :-)

  6. HA, thanks ladies, it was me. And . . . gotta' go clean something. ;)


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