What We Did on Summer Vacation


Before you read this, you should know three things: 1. erica is responsible for this post. 2. erica generally writes, blogs, and edits while her kids watch cartoons in the same room. 3. erica has never met a blogfest whose rules she has been able to follow. (sorry, Michael, but you know me. plus, all our pictures had our kids in them and our husbands are NOT okay with us posting them. so you get a goofy song)

Um, this post is way funnier if you watch Phineas and Ferb and know the theme song. If not, watch this video and remember the tune (or open it in another tab and listen while reading our lyrics). Or, you know, pretend this is some really weird poetry. Your choice. :)  (is my word count ALREADY over? oops.)

Erica and Christy Almost Forgot To Do It All

There's 104 days of summer vacation
And school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for all sorts of teachers
Is finding a good way to spend it.


Raising four boys and
Incubating another
And making lots and lots of food!

Discovering writing that kinda' sucks (HEY!)
While hoping our "voices" are good!

Going camping and
Creating lots of words
While locating internet domains! (they're over here!)

Catching butterflies
Attending Writeoncon
While trying not to go insane! (christy!)

As you can see
There's a whole lot of stuff we did
Before school started this fall (Come on kids)

So stick with us 'cause erica and christy
Are trying to do it all!
So stick with us 'cause erica and christy are
Gonna do it all!

(Bloggers! erica and christy almost forgot to visit you!) (oops!)

(Michael, I tried to work in your visit with christy this summer, but 300 words isn't a lot and I'm already over by like 200%)


  1. Loved your poem. You told us a lot about your summer too.

  2. ERICA! i LOVE it!!! i'll have to come back later to listen while reading, cuz, uh, i don't know the theme song to phineas and ferb...

    also, this is now our new motto:

    So stick with us 'cause erica and christy
    Are trying to do it all!
    So stick with us 'cause erica and christy are
    Gonna do it all!

    thanks for posting! christy

  3. You are adorable. ADORABLE. And we all love Phineus and Ferb here.

  4. Hahahahahaha!Love it! Love PH & F My fav is the backyard beach!

  5. Awesome!!! I totally sang your song in my head...well actually, Phineas did. Love that show!

  6. *giggle* I love that you can't follow rules, Erica. We're kindred spirits that way. Creative execution, too--always a bonus!

  7. Yeahhh, I'm not sure that went quite so well w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the background, haha. But I still enjoyed it and applaud your creativity and general funness. :) Hope your school year's off to a good start!

  8. Absolutely awesome! Always thought the Phineas and Ferb theme song was kinda catchy!

    What did I do for my summer vacation? I got married and went on a honeymoon. :)

  9. Cute! Love that you put your post into *weird* poetry.

  10. Omg erica I LOVE this! I totally sang it to the tune in my head ;p This is brilliant. Did you guys watch the movie? We just did the other day and it's SO cute.

  11. Oh, I love it! It makes me analyze how I should spend my time with the kiddies...


  12. Well the poem says it all. Quality time with the kiddies.


  13. Teehee! I didn't even think of doing mine in poetry/song form. Excellent!

  14. Phineas and Ferb adds a nice touch to your poem. It really gets into the spirit of summer.

    Well done, Erica. A for you! Thanks for taking the time to think up something so unusual and creative.

    You ladies rock.

  15. This is perfect! And hilarious. :)

    Nice meeting you today!

  16. Brilliant! Only a mom of school age kids would go this route.

  17. This is cute! So glad I found your blog - after you found my blog, of course! :). Thanks!

  18. Loved how you told us about your summer! Cute!

  19. Brilliant :) Very creative.


  20. Sounds good and now you're back to school along with the kids! Have a great year!


  21. This is great! I love Phineas and Ferb and you did a great job of creating a new song.

    Yes, I write while the kids watch cartoons in the same room, too. :-D


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