we've been tagged and i'm actually following through with it

erica's been toting the majority of our weight here @ our blog these past few months.  I seem to only have a few seconds here and there to hop onto my blog and take the time necessary to visit other blogs and follow through with everything (awards, being tagged, leave comments, etc).

Another factor in my blog absence is my hubby. He can be supportive, but oh so often I get, "Sometimes I regret buying you that laptop."  or  "You should get paid for the number of hours you spend blogging, critiquing, editing and writing."  or "I'd rather you sit and watch tv all day rather than sit on that laptop." 

Ugity ugh. 

Recently, I read (@ a fabulous blog somewhere (?)) (and if you said it, please take credit and I'll be sure to add it in HERE) that it takes five to eight (plus) years to become a lawyer or a doctor or an abundance of other professions, so why shouldn't /can't it take us five to eight to become novelists?  SO TRUE!  And I'm doing it for free, no school loans!  Just my own time learning, practicing, improving.  Eventually payment may find its way to my bank account.  Right, Hubby?

Anyways, to prove that I'm accomplishing something while on my laptop I took time away from the blogosphere to write and edit.  I thought having a second ms to query might make him see that I'm actually doing SOMETHING (not that I don't view getting to know all of you as majorly important, I do, it's just HE doesn't.  Sorry!)  So, I vow to take time once again to keeping up with you all and to making new friendships via the Campaign.  Because without online friendships with other writers, well, how could I keep going?


Without further adieu and to show you I'm taking my follow- through seriously:

We've been tagged by a fellow Campaigner, Jennifer Groepl, and so here are ten random things about us, or maybe just me, christy.  I'm finally doing my "job" and writing a post.  I know. I know.  It's about time!

What can I share that most of you don't already know? 



1.  I'm six months pregnant, but look eight.
2.  I love drafting and writing (vomitting, as erica would say), but apparently loathe editing.  (Yeah, I did great on the first 16 chapters.  Now. I'm. At. A. Standstill.
3.  I thought I was over the whole "My first draft is done, so now I can query." phase.  Nope.  But don't worry.  I've been holding myself back.
4.  I hate to grocery shop.  And do laundry.  And to vaccuum.  Although since I bought a cheap, light vacuum, I've been doing better at that.  Need to do it now in fact.
5.  Between us, erica and I have three dogs (i think), four sons (with another on the way), two husbands, 70 students, and 3.5 completed manuscripts.
6.  Someday erica and I will co-author a book.  YA.  Mystery.  With series potential.  The protag may or may not end up being named Claire.  Or Clara.  And it may take place in WI Dells.
7.  I love hummingbirds, but hate most other birds. #scarycreatures
8.  Fall is my favorite season, regardless of the fact it includes the start of school.
9.  I DIDN'T CRY ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, but my husband did.  However, I may have shed a few tears on the morning of the second day. (our oldest started full-day kindergarten)
10.  It's been six months since I've had a glass of wine and I'm starting to miss it.


And now I'm off to follow my fellow Campaigners.  If I haven't followed you yet, it's because I just haven't gotten there.  BUT I WILL.  PINKY SWEAR.  I'M IN THIS THING WHOLEHEARTEDLY AND WILL FOLLOW THROUGH!

and now:

(if you've already played, sorry!  you don't have to participate again!)


  1. I forgot you're pregnant. Wow, six months already!!!

    I love the comment about how long it takes to become a physician or lawyer. So true. But then they make more money than most writers (not that I would trade anything for what I do).

  2. Whoa... your 2x issue is serious! I'm sure it will fix itself, right?

    My husband feels the same way about me and my laptop. :/

  3. I'm with you on numbers 4 and 8. :)

  4. Um, okay, this is a good look, but we can barely see the commas. I pride myself on my comma use, dangit!! If anyone's reading this, yes, the commas are there. ;)

    Christy, we need to get together and take a picture where I don't look drunk and tipping over. Only we know this was taken at 10:00 in the morning and I'm totally sober.

    Yes to coauthoring the series, of course!! You vomit and I'll edit! (that's how it works, right? ha!)

    (and between us, we have 4 dogs!)

  5. Thanks for the tag! I'll do my best to follow through this week :)

  6. I swear my husband thinks I'm just playing Farmville or something when I'm sitting here with my laptop.

  7. How do I get tagged? I feel like I am screwing up this campaign thing already! I'm such a blogfest failure. Sigh.

  8. ahh... I think your husband is related to mine! He recalls when I used to threaten to throw his Crackberry into the ocean b/c he'd be checking it on vacation. *sigh* Now it's me.

    But wow--take care during your pregnancy! And take it easy. Good luck w/the writing~ <3

  9. Hi there! How fun :). I'm with you on the grocery shopping...it makes me SOOO stressed. Too many choices. I always end up buying too much just to get out of there.

    I'll let you know when I reply to being "tagged." Thanks!

  10. Hi guys! I'm a fellow campaigner and I also put that i love Fall in my 10. Looking forward to reading your posts:)


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