Brrr. (and an eye candy blogfest entry...if you scroll down a bit)

snow can be beautiful...

 ...and snow can be fun...

...but snow can also be bitterly cold.

We know.  We live in Wisconsin.

For our own comfort and joy we've decided on a blog theme for the month of January.  And it will be...


We'll be busy preparing our writing for ABNA this month (when we're not blogging and doing the other things we do). What else?  We'll be working on WIPs when we have time and inspiration, and we'll  be trying to stay warm!

We hope you'll continue to visit with us.  For your blog hopping convenience, here's our weekly blog schedule for the month:

Monday Mealtime Madness (recipe) (probably something HOT, duh)
TWOfer Tuesday (you just never know what duo we'll blog about)
Writerly Wednesday (creative...since it's a writing blog)
THEME THURSDAY (this will be the HOT day)
Fri-Sun...expect one or two fun little posts or a book/hook review, or um, nothing at all because we're going to be writing our little hearts out. In front of our fireplaces, of course.


Vicki Rocho at Rambles and Randomness (click blogfest pic to visit her and the other participants) is hosting this blogfest. 
The Eye Candy Blogfest. To participate, on New Year's Day, just post a favorite picture.

A warm beach scene or sunset.
Your kids or pets.
A favorite painting or sculpture.
A celebrity hottie. (to be kept PG)
An optical illusion.
Something you made.
Whatever you want, just as long as it is something that makes you smile every time you look at it.

This is christy being indecisive (sharing 3 vs 1 picture pick):

it's not really me, but if it was, i'd be ecstatic

i love trees, especially this one.  artist: ansel adams.  this particular piece of art serves as a muse for my WIP.

let's pretend for a moment i won't be turning 34 in just a few days...could we start out our month of hottness with anyone other than jacob black taylor lautner? (okay, maybe we could have, but we didn't.)

so there you have it.  a blog theme for the cold month of january, a schedule, and three blogfest eye candy pics to make you smile before you take off to blog hop some more, do laundry, eat, play a board game, cuddle your kids, grocery shop, explain to your boss why you didn't work for the past hour and a half (unless you don't work saturdays,or holidays, of course, or write an amazing novel that will be on shelves one year from today. 

whatever calls you away from us now, have fun and stay warm!


  1. I ticked "made me think" accidentally TWICE. Ok, the first time was deliberate but the second time I just got confused and panicked and ticked it. Sorry.

    It did make me think though. It made me think "OMG, I really like that tree too" followed by "Um, why is Taylor in the water?" and then "Oh hang the sense of it, he looks pretty nice ok well actually really nice when he's standing like that".

    Ahem *fans self*

  2. Great pics...even if the lead in was all snowy and cold (I'm Iowa - we're neighbors!)

    Loving everyone's pictures today. Hope you are too! Thanks for joining in the blogfest today. Happy New Year!

  3. Bring on the hotness, of any kind! (I'm in Illinois, so I share your coldness)

    I hope the New Year is sizzling for you! :)

  4. Love Ansel Adams, too! Great pics. I love hot for this time of year! I have Hot pink Flamingos for my pic!

    Happy New Year, ladies.... May all your dreams come true this year. Continue writing ... I still have 29000 words to write for my entry. Talk about INSANE! Let's see if we can get it done by the 24th!


  5. I love snow! That is one thing I miss about living in Iowa, then again knowing that there is no snow here in Houston after the holidays are over makes me happy!

    Great entry! I love it!!! Taylor Lautner can keep you warm, lol!

  6. I loved them all. Not indecisive, they each said something different to me. great post!

  7. Whew! Still fanning myself over the Jacob picture. Hey, he's of legal age now. ;) I'm looking forward to another great year of wonderful posts from you ladies! Happy new year!

  8. christy - for what it's worth, when I first saw the picture of the blonde, I thought it was you! And is there an age where we're supposed to NOT look at hot guys standing in the water with all their clothes on?? I don't think so (especially since I'm *cough* older than you).

  9. Mia-I always love your visits!

    Vicki-this was a super idea for a blogfest! stay warm!

    Susan- same to you!

    michael-that's amazing! you can do that in what, like, 3 days??? yes, we CAN do this!

    jen-thanks! i can't imagine living in warmth year round...oh, wait, yes i can. note to self: set next novel in a warm place...

    mary-yes, i noticed this morning that lots of blogfest participants posted more than one pic! :0)

    heather- you are so very sweet! we look fwd to all of your posts in the new year, too!

    erica-i WISH it was me...can you imagine writing on a warm, sandy beach with the sound of the waves washing up only feet away...ahhh...of course, the sand might not be a good idea for the laptop, especially yours!
    i have brown hair...tried the blonde thing once....i'm catchin up age-wise...closing the gap. hehe.


  10. Season of beauty? Hot or cold those pictures were Eye Candy :)
    Happy New Year.

  11. Thanks for the eye candy! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a Happy New Year. Stay warm!

  12. very nice, and i love the beach, but i don't think i'd want my laptop there...

  13. Ha! I saw that photo of the girl on the beach and all I could think was,"She'll get sand in her laptop!" But it does make me smile. Happy 2011 to you!

  14. Hope you both have an amazing 2011 :)

  15. Happy New Year! Thanks for starting my day off with Taylor Lautner. Okay, it's almost noon here but it's a slow and relaxing day so I'm going to say I'm just starting out my day. haha!

    I wish you both the best of luck in this New Year. I'm crossing my fingers for big things to come your way with ABNA and querying.

  16. Great blogfest pictures!

    Happy New Year! :)

  17. So true, snow can be amazingly pretty, I like it on trees when it first snows. Lovely photos.

  18. Hi,

    Great images all!

    Happy New Year

  19. Elaine- True, that first snowy tree pic would have been enough for the blogfest!!!

    Jamie- Thank you very much!

    Michelle- sand granules would not be a good mix with the laptop...

    Tricia- writing on a beach...pure bliss!

    Markieke- same to you!

    Patricia-Thanks so much...crossing ours for you as well!

    Golden Eagle, Summer and Francine- Thanks so much and have a wonderful 2011!

  20. A month all about warm/hot goodness in January sounds fabulous! (and, wow - that is a beautiful tree) Can't wait to see what comes - Happy 2011!!

  21. What fun pictures! I just read Twilight while I was on vacation, and I have a new appreciation for Taylor. Yep, I'm a little old for him, but he's great to look at!

  22. Love the hot and cold pics! And I hear you on needing to add a little heat to January... Michigan isn't any better than Wisconsin (well maybe a little, but 4 degrees make little difference when you are below 20...

  23. I am all about being warm!! Keep us going through the chilly winter weeks!

  24. I guess I'm a humbug... snow does not make me smile but the beach picture totally does (although I too was worried about sand in her laptop)! Happy New Year and all the best in the coming months!

  25. Love the pics! Love Ansel Adams (and Taylor Lautner!). My new robbing-the-cradle crush is the hot older son in Weeds.

  26. So cool to find people who love pictures of trees (did you think I was going to say eye candy?) I've just been looking at trees on another blog. Must be very inspirational. ;)
    Happy New Year! p.s. love your new background!

  27. Happy writing! And great photos. Thanks for the schedule.

  28. That middle photo is stunning. Sorry, still trying to get around to all of the blogfest participants.


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