cheesehead alert!!!!!

GO PACK GO! GO PACK GO! GO PACK ...(yeah, you get it)
And just go ahead and try to tell us Brad Paisley Aaron Rodgers isn't hot.

We're back on track, folks. Hot. Writing. (and a football game. GO PACK!!)


  1. I'm such a bozo I entered your linky thing wrong.... lol. Should be my name over there with #27 on your blogfest. Maybe you can remove that one and I'll fill out a new one. hee hee ... it's early. *heads off to refill coffee*

  2. I'm not usually a Pack fan, as I am a die-hard Colts girl, but I'll be rooting for you now!

  3. I'm a bit conflicted. I like the Packers, especially their defensive players. But I'm also a huge Julius Peppers fan. I have a feeling it's going to be a slugfest.

  4. Enjoy the game!

    I'l be editing ... lol

    Stay warm ladies.


  5. Another Colts fan here... but I'm not actually all that interested in football. So, you can have all the half-hearted support I can muster while doing my homework. :) My sister, on the other hand, is hoping for a Jets-Packers superbowl, so she's out in full force for you this weekend!

  6. My husband works weekends, so with him gone, I don't watch much football anymore, either. But I'll watch it tomorrow with my kids and cheer the Pack on to victory. Aaron Rodgers seems like a super cool, super nice person. And I grew up in the southern part of the state, where everyone HATES the Bears (vs. where I live now, where everyone HATES the Vikings).

  7. We live 30 minutes from Green Bay. My friend was at the Brad Paisley concert last night and sat near Aaron Rodgers. She posted evidence on FB, of course. We're all super excited for the game and win. The man at the meat deli asked my mom today if she was rooting for the Pack. It's pretty much all the whole town is talking about. :0) SOOOO...GO PACK GO!!! christy


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