hot topics (or not) from one hot mama (or...not)


"hot" as in highly debated? "hot" as in popular? "hot" as in trending?  "hot" as in makes you all hot and bothered? "hot" as in hot and heavy? "hot" as in way pissed?

what a word. we picked it as our theme for january simply because we're up (down, over, lovin' it) here freezing our tails off (in Wisconsin) this January.

so...that was your intro to a whole lotta nottin'.  just warning you.


you know your creativity pool has run dry when you decide to google your topic for the next day's post.

i googled "hot topics in literature january 2011"

i found a post @ the millions on the most anticipated:  the great 2011 book preview.  to see it for yourself go here.

i googled "hot topics in young adult literature" and got nothin'. 

then i changed something in my search (forgot what) and found the top mystery books for 2010 @ galleycat.  the list is here.

i googled "political hot topics january 2011"

i found @ vot3r a post on the top (US) political topics for tuesday, jan. 18.  to read about political news including the chinese president's visit, congresswoman gifford's surgery, palin's response to criticism, or health care, click here.

i googled "hot celebrity news january 2011"

and found out owen wilson is a dad, kenda wilkinson may join dancing with the stars, and lindsey lohan is done with rehab (again).  to read more, since i'm sure you're riveted, go here.

 Sorry.  My hubby's out of town for work.  I'm only on night number three of being on my own with my lovelies (aka two sons under five). 

Today kinda, well, sucked.  I'd expected to fully enjoy our afternoon together.  After picking them up from the sitter, having found my two year old had already napped for an hour, I decided to visit my grandma.  She recently had a heart attack (you may remember I posted about her before when I also posted a pic of my pretty manicured toes.  She's a busy non-stop kind of woman.  Finding out she had congestive heart failure and that she needed to slow down was easier for her to take than for the rest of us.  She took the news in stride, cleared the cupboards of food filled with sodium and resorted to one load of laundry per day vs how every many she used to do. Oh, and no more flipping her mattress by herself.)

So I took my boys to see her.  My mom was already there, eating lunch.  My oldest brought his new Iron Man and Iron Man vehicle to show her (and believe me, he showed her and told her about it at length) and my youngest hopped about her place and blew out every unlit candle she owned.  After twenty minutes of nonstop chatter and boucing and huffing and puffing, I said goodbye. 

My second stop for the afternoon was our town library.  I'd never been there before.  The first thirty minutes there were bliss.  Then, my oldest refused to check out any books.  He JUST wanted to read them there.  My youngest (a two year old) wanted to leave.  My oldest (a four year old) did NOT.  NOT. NOT. NOT.  And he threw a tantrum like I hadn't seen since he was in his terrible twos. (Thank God my two year old does not throw tantrums.)  Long story short (yeah, yeah, too late) he screamed and cried the largest tears possible while I checked out a Clifford book and CD for the youngest. 

Three hours later, my night's improved some, but they're not in bed yet, so the worst could be yet to come.

I hope you'll accept my excuse for a lousy post.  I've got nothin'.  I'm drained. 

erica's got tomorrow so I'm sure you'll be much more entertained!

i'm off to find some chocolate.

(so maybe no more themes for us in the future.)


  1. I have a 3 year old (will be four in a few days). I *totally* get it. I have sooooooo been there. With youngsters, best laid plans *can and will* go up in smoke. And whenever I'm alone with the Smunchkin, as I call her, I. Get. No. Writing. Done. Period. I've also been subjected to the public library/ Barnes and Noble tantrum. Lovely. And you're right, teeth brushing/ bed time get's sooo much better. But through it all, we love them unconditionally and wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China. So, all is to say... you're not alone. And through the strength of our peers shall we all rise.

  2. Aw, Christy! Hope you have a better day today! It sucks when the hubs is out of town!

  3. (((big hugs))) hang in there little fishy~ :o)

  4. Ah, yes, the public temper tantrum. As a preschool teacher, I'm almost immune to tantrums, so when my kids did throw them, I'd just go about whatever I was doing, blocking it out totally and earning very dirty looks from strangers. Luckily they're too old for that now (I hope - the youngest is almost five).

    And shame on you for never going to the library before this. ;)

  5. Oh, I hope your day gets better! That your husband returns quickly and that your boys are perfect little angels for as long as you need them to be ~ :) AND that you find some great chocolate! We all have days like this, but they pass. No worries!

  6. So funny, you forgot burning the candle at both ends, but then, the word "hot" isn't in that cliche. I have been burning the candle and my ends are fried. I've missed swinging by here I'm so busy on my blog book tour, so my apologies.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. You poor thing! You need a glass of wine and a hot bath. And maybe a bit of chocolate wouldn't hurt either! That video of Trace Adkins, definitely on the path to making things better. ;)

  8. Hope you found some chocolate and everyone got to bed! I'm sorry you're having a rough go!! But no worries, he will be back shortly!! You can make it!

  9. NOT a lousy post! I want to know how to get MY books on lists like that. Just point me with who I need to sleep with and sign me up! *cough*

    Glad your grandma is adjusting! And I hear you on the tantrums... my son had maybe half a dozen of those where strangers would stop and offer to help me because they were sure no person alone could handle it. (daughter didn't... strangely, tantrum boy has been easier since starting school--daughter got difficult about the same time *rolls eyes*)

  10. I love you all. What would I do with out you?????

    This morning, after bragging that the two year old doesn't have tantrums...had a LARGE one while I TRIED to dress him for the sitter's. BUT this afternoon has been heavenly. Just had more chocolate, as a matter of fact. One lovely is sleeping and the other is building with Leggos. I actually am sitting and watching Ellen.

    :0) One more night! (Oh, and I LOVE my lovelies more than life itself, but you all knew that already!)

  11. Not a fun time, but you saw mom and grandma.

    It's a very special time when four generations are in the same room. That is something to treasure.

    How many people do you know who could tell that story?

    Forget about the tantrum and concentrate on loving the little buggers.


  12. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a "hot" post! Chocolate always makes the day better!

  13. Silly girl, that was a great post! My son is 8 now, but I well remember the tantrums.

  14. I read this post this morning at uni, had such a brilliant response, didn't have time to sign in & post it... and now it's gone completely. :( You have my sympathies on the public tantrums... although I'm the really horrible adult who will duck behind the nearest tall thing and giggle when a kid gets going! So wrong, I know, but I figure it's better than giving dirty looks or muttering.

  15. Ha ha. You wore me out on that afternoon with your sons and I wasn't even there! Oh, those were the days...

  16. hope the hubs gets back soon, i feel you serioulsy.


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