twofer tuesday...two bits of complete and utter irrelevant randomness


did you have time away from work during the holidays? 

We did...and now it's over.  So now we're forced to reminisce about the goodness of our breaks and wait through the long, long winter months until spring break is upon us.

Here's what christy busied herself doing between Christmas and January 2nd:

 late one night, after turning off my laptop (midchapter of my wip), i flipped through the television channels and came to an old favorite movie of mine:  breakfast at tiffany's. 
audrey hepburn absolutely enchants me.  she is my all time favorite actress.
 i finally got around to starting this book.  when i unwrapped the trilogy (a gift from my sister-in-law) i told myself i'd have to wait until i completed my writing for ABNA. 
it's not done.  i'm reading.  oops.

image from digitaltrends.com

 but i did write and got through the rewritten beginning of solstice.  whew.
 now i just need to go through the rest of the old manuscript.
about 60k to go....
image from unclesgames.com

  i played the new board games with my kids.  boggle jr.  memory (several versions).  operation.  twister.

oh, yes. i drank lots and lots of coffee each morning.
and a little wine each evening once or twice.

 leggos.  leggo airplane(s), leggo castles, leggo pyramids, leggo houses, cars, cats and boats....

we all had colds. so i wiped noses many times (noses other than my own).image from curezone.com

image from alum.mit.edu

 i had a fair amount of chocolate each afternoon and evening.
and i ran on the treadmill every other day.

image from digitaltrends.com

i wrote until midnight many nights in a row.

image from girlboutique.com
 and one of my favorite activites was buying a new pair of jeans with a cute design on the back pockets.
my cousin and i took our 87 year old grandmother (she may as well be in her 70s for how much energy and spunk she has) for a pedicure

here are my darling feet.  yes, i really took a picture of them just for you.  can you believe the beautiful art on my big toes? (this may be the closest you get to seeing what either erica or i look like...)

(sorry, erica.  this brings me to my foot post i've been threatening  promising to publish.)

 i started thinking about feet that day.  and how they really get picked on.  idiomwise i mean.

having two left feet
(so you can't dance. is it really your feet's fault?)

putting your foot in your mouth
(whoops. totally shouldn't have said that.  but how did your feet cause you to be careless with your words?)

having one foot in the grave
(really?  how many people are gravely ill due to an illness with their feet?  i mean, why a foot?  why not a finger or a hand? okay, maybe i'm stretching it on this one.)

starting off on the wrong foot
(i highly doubt the negative way in which you began had anything at all to do with your feet.)

shooting yourself in the foot
(um, again, your feet more likely than not did not cause your misfortune)

and that's that. i actually have nada to connect this foot post to, and i'm not even going to try to make it relevant to your life.  i suppose it's kind of writing related.  you know, like on how we use language...it's always fun to learn the reason behind figures of speech and idioms like these.  but, uh, i did no research for you. 

i just shared random thoughts.  and now, i hope you all have a wonderful day/night and may you all put your best foot forward.  i truly hope you all get your foot in the door with a literary agency and publishing house.  (hehe)


  1. Christy, Rex Ryan called...he wants to smell your feet

    BTW, I love Boggle, and thought Scrabble Flash would be fun. It isn't

  2. I zoomed right through The Hunger Games trilogy during the holidays, abetted by a friend who responded to my wails for help when I found out I was 59th on the waiting list for Mockingjay at the library. So, can't say I blame you for reading instead of writing! ;)

  3. That was, indeed, random! But, I think the random-type posts are my favorite. : ) Seventeen cheers for random (I picked a random number of cheers).

  4. Very random! But like Megan - love that! :D

  5. What fun... I love when you two get playful.....


  6. (it's true. christy's been threatening us with her feet for weeks.)

    My Christmas games were Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Elephun with the 4-year-old and some word soduku game (can't remember the name) and Clue (many, many games of Clue) with the 9-year-old.

    My Christmas books are The Magician by Lev Grossman, The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, Paper Towns by John Green and Lies by Michael Grant (which I'm starting with since I've already read the first 2 in the series).

  7. Hahahaha! I never put so much thought into the foot sayings but...you're right...huh.

    What an awesome sounding holiday! Are you enjoying The Hunger Games so far!? (I'm so excited to hear what you think. Even if you don't like it, I wanna know!! Eep!) Good luck on your WiP work!

  8. LOL! It sounds like you had an excellent holiday break! I love the picture of your pedicure. I read The Hunger Games over the holiday too and I ended up loving it despite my initial reservations! Happy writing! I hope you're able to get back into the groove.

  9. Fun holiday break. Kind of jealous that your's is over and I'm still on mine. My kids don't go back to school until January 10th. Ugh! Budgets and unpaid holiday time for teachers, no good.

    Now. . .I hate to say this. . .only a true blogging buddy would. . .um. . .this is really hard for me. . .PUT THAT BOOK DOWN AND GET BACK TO YOUR WRITING. I'M COUNTING ON YOU AND MICHAEL GETTING SOMEWHERE WITH ABNA!!!! Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Yep, what Patricia said!!!

    My husband is a lego nut (I mean, fan), LOL

    Ah, you girls make me laugh. Loved hearing what you got up to over the holidays Christy. And it is a little weird all those feet sayings!


    PS - where do you get all your cool pikkies from???

  11. Mike, that's disappointing...we got Scrabble Flash for my husband's grandma for Christmas.

    Su, I'm taking my time. But as soon as I finish Solstice I'm going to read, read, read!

    Megan-You made me laugh. Thanks for the comment!!!

    yay! Thanks, Marieke and Michael!!

    erica-you knew I'd have to just do it one of these days....

    Colene, I haven't gotten very far yet. I truly just started it. I'll get back to you.

    Heather-it's my first dystopian, but, yeah, I think I'm going to like it.

    Hehe, Patricia-Thanks, Ineeded that!!!

    Rach-good question. the pics are from google images. thanks to your question i've now linked each to the website they were taken from. however, i'm now uncertain about whether or not this is good enough.

    we will look into this.

    Thanks for your comments everyone! I'm turned one year older today so for me it really is a New Year. Your visit made my day!!!


  12. Hehe nice post.

    I'd like to read Hunger Games one day. :-)

  13. Hmmm... I'd never really thought about all that foot-maligning, but now my eyes are opened to the oppression of our poor peds.

    Sounds like a lot of fun guys. Happy New Year!

  14. Love the sexy toes ;-) If you think feet get a bad rap try being a foot fetishist!


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