Coffee or Tea?

Need a daily dose of the shakes caffeine?  How do you get it?  Share your preference with us.

OH, and...sign up on the nifty lil' LINKY to your right.....see it?  We're hosting a blogfest.  ON January 27 (it'll be a HOT Thursday) post a picture of your very fave mug in the whole wide beautiful world (on your blog).  We'll all come on over to see it!  AND THAT'S IT!  That's all the blogfest asks you to do.  (Unless you feel compelled to share the story behind the mug.  Then we'll have fun reading that too!)  All we need is TEN more participants and we'll give away not one, but TWO PRIZES!!!  (mugs or amazon gift cards...your choice!)

AND.  I (christy) need to apologize to all of you.  It makes me so very happy happy when you stop by and comment on our posts.  BUT, I've been a lousy hopper myself.  I promise to make the rounds this weekend.  I haven't visited anybody since Monday.  I know that's terrible.  I'll try to make it up to you.  I KNOW you all have intelligent and witty things that I NEED to hear.  YOU are all amazing and I learn so much from you. 

We're coffee lovers, btw.

Youre blogging neighbors,
erica and christy


  1. I love the richness n' depth of coffee, but I also love tea. The time to pause, the warmth, the mysterious oolong, Earl Grey's refreshment, etc.
    Coffee is moody n' dark and tea is ceremonial, a ritual, a time to pause and reflect. Coffee speaks to my soul, tea refreshes it.

  2. seeing a how my masculinity shrinks every day, I might as well own up to being a tea drinker (nothing fancy, just Lipton, Red Rose, etc.) or else hot chocolate (big fan of Swiss Miss) - but - here's the kicker, I've NEVER had a cup of coffee. Ever!

    As for my mug, I use whatever one happens to be clean(est) at the time, but I'll put up a mug shot anyway

  3. I like both coffee and tea. I have an award for you on my blog

  4. Tea. Black. Decaf, because caffeine makes me loopy.

  5. I drink only herbal tea as in the fruit infusions strictly by twinnings, for the shakes I turn to sugar its very effective

  6. Wow, a lot of tea drinkers. I've tried it, really I have. Honestly, though, it seems like a waste of hot water (hangs head in shame for not being cultural and sophisticated).

    Mike - my husband hasn't ever tasted coffee, either. He's also never tasted tea. Now that I think about it, I've known him for 16 years and never seen him drink hot chocolate, either. Weird. Oh, and sign up for the blogfest on the linky to your right. Okay, fine, I'll probably sign you up. (sigh)

  7. Oooo,

    Joanna, that twinning's sounds delicious. I am all for caffeine in any shape or form. I'm mostly a tea drinker, but I do love a luscious latte' or hot chocolate. And a cappuccino after a wonderful Italian meal.

    I know I should be writing, but I just had to pop over and see you girls.


  8. Coffee and tea, like so many things with me, depend on my mood. I love them both.

    Oh, and there's an award for you guys on my blog!

  9. I feel so boring saying NEITHER. But I'll pretty much drink anything that's not basic coffee or tea - hot chocolate, rooibos, mint, chamomile, and other herbal infusions, hot fruit cordials, honey and lemon...

    As I have some supremely caffeine-addicted family members I've always tried to avoid drinking too much tea or coffee for this reason and just never formed the habit.

  10. Already signed up! I'm excited to read about everyone's coffee habits!

  11. Ellen-I had no idea writing about coffe and/or tea could be so poetic. Nice work.

    Some of you mentioned teas and herbal drinks I didn't know existed! I've tried tea. The first time I believe I compared it to dirt. Every year I go trhough a tea kick...but always return to coffee.

    Joanna-sugar WITH coffee=yummy.

    Su-I get the shakes when I've had two cups too many.


    Mike-just take a pic of the actual mug you used that day. Perfect. (Don't be ashamed of drinking tea. But never having coffee? I can't imagine life without it.)

    Alexia-mood totally affects everything I eat and drink. i understand.

    Adina-the list you gave is anything BUT boring!!!

    Thanks for agreeing to share your "mug shot" with us, Lisa!

    I'm honored you took a break to see us, Michael! You're probably only 5k away now, right?!

  12. I'm one of those strange people that is right in the middle when it comes to coffee or tea. It all depends on my mood, I love both!


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