Writing Wednesday says - who's bad?

Come on, you want to tell me. You know you do. Who's the bad girl/guy who makes your mc hot?

What, did someone say hot? Why yes, yes, I believe they did. Let me find some pictures.

First off, the guy who makes my blood boil, no matter whether he's good or bad (and by boil, yeah, I mean good).

A game of soccer? Baseball? Croquet? Why, sure, Ryan Reynolds. I'd be happy to.

Or, perhaps, the female villian (courtesy my hubby's fantasy)? (yes, this is erica. um, talking, not the picture. sigh) 

yes, fine, Megan Fox, grr

So, basically, this is my thinly-veiled attempt to let you know I'm busy this week and need you to entertain educate me.

Who's your villian? Are they more attractive than your mc or mc's bestie/love interest??!!


  1. Erica, was THIS why you wanted my picture? You should have told me why, I would have sent it sooner

  2. Yum... I also like Ryan Reynolds!
    (Ooh, and how about Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries!)

  3. I'm afraid I won't be much help--I write middle grade, and the boys are so not into girls yet. Hotness hasn't yet become a factor (at least in my stories). But thanks for the eye candy! :)

  4. OMG! I have that same picture of Mr. Reynolds up at my desk at work. Just wanted to let you know he's MINE! MINE I tell ya! I saw him FIRST!

    A lot of my villains are attractive on the surface. It makes them more fun to write.

  5. Interesting... so yes... my bad boy-villain of an antagonist is the hottest thing in my story besides Helios the Sun God, himself. Taller, broader, chiseled from marble... all of that. My protag is a bit scrawny, at least in the beginning of the story. The girl in the "triangle" is the most beautiful young girl in the known ancient Hellenic world, though she plays it down. Doesn't want to draw the ire of Aphrodite. ;-)

  6. Oh and by the way... I would drink Megan Fox's bath water. #justsayin

  7. Mike - I still have images of last year's video of you dancing stuck in my head. Please, no more pictures. ;)

    Rachel and Lisa - he's yummy, isn't he?

    Alison - yeah, in my middle-grade, the boys are 12 and they talk briefly about liking the cute blonde from their class, but that's about it. Although my son who's almost 10 seems much more interested in Megan Fox than in Shia LeBeouf in the Transformer movies, so it starts early!

    Christopher - give that poor boy a protein shake and a set of weights!! And yes, I think many men share your enthusiasm for bathwater.

  8. Ah, yes... Ryan is very nice... You know... my villain is usually 'authority'. I might have to work out why that is *shifty* though my next cozy I could probably work in a hottie... (I have a couple hotties, but as yet, they haven't been killers)

  9. How fun! My villian just recently arrived in my MS and he is heating things up, not to mention complicating them. So much fun! I've featured pics of both him and my MC's love interest on my Monday's Muse posts. You'll have to decide who's hotter! ;)

  10. Ladies, ladies, ladies,

    Are we now resorting to cheap sexy pics to get readers to your blog?

    Hmmm. Should have thought of it myself... lol

    Well in my new novel, Zach Efron is the perfect bad boy to play the role of Aidan. That should get tons of people in the theaters' seats.

    Ah, dreams of our books turning into the next blockbuster....

    Now back to reality and editing.


  11. Erica - You won my contest! Send me your mailing address and I'll get your prize out to you! : )

  12. Freaking Huzzah Ryan Reynolds!

    That's all I have to say :)


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